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Mistreated bird loses its plumage --- but now its groove is BACK! Showtime!

Gucci is the name of this cute parrot, that dances merrily on the shoulder of his new found friend and savior, Kurter Barnett! Please note that Gucci's body is completely devoid of plumage (feathers)…

Pebble's owner has just cut her nails --- See her furious reaction!

Pebble is a parrot that has a very strong personality and is very extroverted and intemperate and she does not hesitate to insult (yes, you read that right...) her human friend and owner when things…

This guy's talent is impressive --- But his winged partner is not bad either!

When two talents come together, a spectacular show is guaranteed! This young man is a prodigious beat-box artist with the ability to use his natural voice to create simultaneously multiple sounds of melody…

He asks his parrot if she loves him --- the parrot's reaction is hilarious!

In the family of parrots, cockatoos have the distinction of being very friendly and entertaining birds that are very intelligent and ready to interact with their owner spontaneously and in unpredictably…
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A parrot "complains" about the house cat --- the conversation is hilarious!

This parrot named Maxwell definitely has a few things to get off his chest!  Maxwell's main problem is the house cat, Angel, a kitten who continually tries to get him into trouble! Now the parrot has…

A parrot eats and a dog is watching him --- what comes shortly after is touching!

What does it mean to have a friend? It means we can count on someone who will never abandon us in our time of need and will do everything possible for our welfare even to the point of depriving themselves…
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