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Put a boiled egg in a glass of water. 3 seconds later ... enjoy !

The best tricks are those who achieve a perfect result and save you time. Often, you just need to combine simple element to get incredible results. Find out in this video how to peel a boiled egg with…
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She pours orange juice in a pan. Strange? Look at the end result ...

If you want to impress your guests after a meal (especially if you have children), you can turn fruit into something special. Everything you need is oranges and unflavored gelatin powder. Stir initially…

She puts some rigatoni pasta in a pan ... When you'll see the end result you'll run in the kitchen!

Probably for some of you the idea to bake pasta doesn't seem an original idea, but in this case what is striking is the process. Instead of pouring the rigatoni in the pan in a confused way, this woman…

He combines three simple ingredients and creates a mouth-watering dessert !

With only three ingredients, this man shows you how to create a really tasty ice cream in no time. Starting from the coffee (you decide how much), add condensed milk (200g) and then whip cream (600ml).…

Amaze your guests --- create a cylindrical hard-boiled egg!

Do you just love playing around in the kitchen?  Well, then, try making this cylindrical hard-boiled egg! First, put a cylindrical glass container in a pot of water to boil and separate the egg yolks…
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When an artist makes pancakes, the result can only be AMAZING !

This is what happens if the hand of a skilled person prepares some pancakes. His ability to draw combined with his skill in using the cooking time to create the different colors are truly incredible.
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