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He fills an ice cube tray with cracked eggs... did you expect this trick?

There are many ways to preserve dairy products... some might even surprise you! Check out these 7 tips and save yourself some money in the process: maybe you don't know that the most common dairy…

Just put butter and sugar in the microwave: you'll be impressed !

Although of course light and healthy recipes are preferred in most cases, sometimes you can have an exception...and if it's delicious as the one described in the video then, even better! Mix in a bowl…

At your next dinner party, AMAZE everyone with these UNIQUE boiled eggs !

If you have planned a boiled egg in your menu, with a few tricks you can make them really special. Using a plastic bag, the sleeve of a shirt, rope and a flashlight (you'll need it to see if the process…
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This guy reveals you the secret to cook the most DELICIOUS steak ever!

To cook a steak may seem simple, but to make it delicious is something else. One method often used is to cook it briefly in the pan and then finish cooking in the oven. The video, however, does the opposite…

Put egg white and icing sugar in the microwave: the result is mouth-watering !

The the old recipes are generally the better ones and the healthiest, but in today's life we don't always have the time to prepare them. For example, if you are to receive an unexpected visit, you can…
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This girl uses peppermints to create something unique !

If you are looking for a cool idea to serve shots, this video is for you! With just some peppermints and a good imagination you can create very original shot glasses.

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