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Spicy Italian eggplants! Here's how to prepare them with very few ingredients

The Mediterranean diet is famous all over the world because it is both healthy and tasty. Vegetables occupy a prominent place in Italian cuisine and today we will take a look at eggplants, a vegetable…

22 practical gadgets that should not be missing from your kitchen!

If to become famous chefs, it is essential to acquire knowledge and technique, the real touch of a master chef, however, lies in possessing a large dose of creativity. To realize this fact, you do not…

Do you have any very ripe bananas? You can turn them into a delicious dessert with disarming ease!

Do you have any ripe bananas at home and you fear that you will have to throw them away if no one eats them soon? Do not despair, there is a solution to save those bananas! Today, we are going to teach…
Cakes Ideas Kitchen

24 kitchen gadgets you have always wanted, but did not think existed!

Having a kitchen equipped with innovative kitchen gadgets, which fully exploit the technology we have today, does not mean that someone does not know how to cook! Even professional cooks use kitchen utensils…

Panini created with a blender! This is an embarrassingly simple recipe that will conquer the whole family!

Bread was once made at home, but today it has become increasingly difficult to find the time to prepare it yourself every day. But not always. Whether you forgot to buy bread, or simply want to entertain…

Eggplant Gratin! Here is a baked recipe that you will not get tired of!

Eggplant gratin is a recipe that best enhances the taste of eggplants! Baked and combined with melting cheese at high temperatures, eggplants are really irresistible. The cooking instructions are so easy…

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