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A Japanese back pain miracle!

Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi took 10 years to develop this effective exercise against back pain. His technique is simple, fast, cheap, and with immediate effect. This exercise technique also has two very curious…
Japan Rescues Tricks

Chased by a T-Rex

Taken from the most sadistic candid camera of the Rising Sun

15 meters of snow in Japan

A wall of snow surrounds the highway between Bijodaira and Murodo in Tateyama.
Japan Snow Wtf

A train arrives at the station: what happens in the next 7 MINUTES is a miracle !

Every day at Tokyo station, arrive and depart about 320 high speed trains carrying around 400,000 passengers. To allow each of these passengers to find clean and tidy trains for a comfortable travel experience,…
Japan Wtf

Japanese efficiency is legendary --- take a look!

When it comes to working efficiently, no one can surpass the Japanese people, who have earned a reputation as hard workers. Moreover, what happened in the city of Fukuoka does nothing but confirm it!…

Amazing Precision! --- the Osaka Monorail (Japan)

In the Japanese metropolitan areas, we know, the public means of transport are being tested daily by the large number of commuters who travel on them, especially the train system. One of the ways by which…

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