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25 Japanese inventions that will make…
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25 Japanese inventions that will make you admire their genius!

December 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The world always keeps an attentive eye on Japan. This is because, in Japan, every day, fascinating philosophies, new traditions, and ideas for future technology are born.

In addition, in Japan, there are also seemingly absurd inventions that come to life that end up conquering the rest of the world.

In this article, we have collected some of the objects made in Japan that lie somewhere between genius and madness!

Which of these innovative objects would you like to possess?

On bike lanes, posts have been installed to slow down cyclists who are going too fast.

Inserted into packages of chewing gum, there are sheets of paper in which to wrap the chewing gum before throwing it away.


In Japan, there are many architectural follies! For example, the balconies of this building are shaped like a teacup.

In stores and offices, there are umbrella holders equipped with padlocks, to make sure no one takes your umbrella.

The Japanese have fun growing fruit inside molds, so as to obtain the strangest shapes!


This exoskeleton strengthens the muscles and makes the human body much more flexible. It could be used to facilitate working in a warehouse.

This Poke Ball Bath Bomb is in the shape of a Pokeball and by dissolving it in the bathtub water, you get a real Pokemon.


This is the most comfortable chair for a videogame enthusiast.

A telephone box in Kyoto that has been converted into an aquarium.


These moving trucks open not only at the rear but also on the sides.

This cute little drone was brought on board the International Space Station and it photographed the astronauts during their stay.

Even the manhole covers are unique in Japan!

Modern elevators have an umbrella-shaped indicator that lights up to warn you that it is raining outside.

The Japanese who smoke carry with them this packet to store their cigarette butts.

Chocolates in the shape of planets --- their taste is spatial!

Handwriting is still much appreciated in Japan but if you are too lazy, you can take advantage of this machine that simulates handwriting in a very realistic way.

This accessory promises to make lips appear much more plumb and fleshy and in Japan, there are many women who use it.

Suzuki has produced "smiling" car bumpers.

These elastic masks are reported to perform a kind of facelift.

Butter is packaged in sticks, so you can easily spread it on a slice of toast.

If you take a picture in Japan, you will probably have big eyes! In fact, one of the most beloved filters is the one that enlarges the eyes.

These razors can be found in any type of store in Japan because a man with shaved legs is very much appreciated.

Pokemon is really special in Japan! This airliner was colored with images of the animated series.

When these umbrellas come in contact with water, shapes and forms appear on them!

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