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With 10 cuts on a piece of wood, this craftsman creates something amazing

Lived in the early 1900s, Ernest "Mooney" Warther was one of the most famous carvers in history, to the point that they dedicated him an entire museum in Ohio (Warther Museum), visited each year by hundreds…
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She start by cutting a block of wax: this candle will leave you speechless !

Art often has very creative processes which are able to fascinate and mesmerize who's watching, just like in this video, in which a woman creates a beautiful candle from a block of wax. At first she drafts…

This librarian bends the pages of an old book and reveals an ancient and spectacular secret

This is known as fore-edge painting, and is a technique that dates back to the mid-seventeenth century. With this incredible work you can get some real paintings on the edge of books' pages, however,…
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Enjoy the beautiful art works created by these master craftsmen !

The city of Icheon, South Korea, has an old tradition in the production of handmade pottery, which has made it a real tourist destination. In the city there are a total of 80 manufacturing companies,…

A craftsman starts by cutting a tile ... what he's going to create is enchanting !

When we look at a mosaic we don't always realize the amount of work and the pinpoint accuracy needed to create it. In the case of a mosaic made by hand in fact every single piece is carved from scratch…
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He creates a normal wooden table, but soon reveals a secret!

You know when you have to open a table to accommodate people for dinner but the operation is so complex and annoying that you eventually give up? This problem has more or less been solved by Scott Rumschlag…

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