It starts with just spreading mortar…
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It starts with just spreading mortar on plasterboard, but the end result is BREATHTAKING!

February 08, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

When planning the renovation of a house, the main problem or worry is always how to get the best results while spending as little as possible! However, as we all know, the total cost is closely linked to the materials that are used. All the same, it cannot be said that by using more common and widely available materials you cannot achieve results that are worthy of an art gallery, as can be proved by looking at the captivating drywall sculpture work done by Bernie Mitchell!

In the video, we see this "Drywall Master" or "Plasterboard Master" Sculptor at work and witness his amazing ability to create incredibly beautiful reliefs on walls and ceilings. The results? Well, you can judge for yourself....

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