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An artisan creates bathtubs using naval technology ... and the result is extraordinary!

If we asked you to think of a bathtub, all of you would think of what we usually find in interior design magazines and in our bathrooms, white in color, and made of ceramic, or at most metal or resin.…

20 examples of artistic floors so well made that you have the sensation that you are actually part of a scene ...

In the office, as in the living room or - why not? - also in the bedroom! If what you want in terms of furnishing is something bright, unique, colorful and not at all traditional, then these floors with…

Discover fascinating "Marbled Paper" book covers!

In the 1970s, the marbled effect was very fashionable! It was used on the covers of books, notebooks, and even to create prints to hang as paintings or posters. The fascinating creation and production…

Three very useful hacks for DIY woodworking projects!

Professionals will not have to resort to these tricks, but if you are dealing with a DIY woodwork project and have never done one before, then some helpful information can certainly come in handy! Find…

Jordan Anderson transforms tree trunks into art!

A family living in Alaska asked talented wood carver Jordan Anderson, to make a bench from some rather large tree trunks. The result? Probably not even they expected something so spectacular! In fact,…

Look what computer-controlled machine tools can do!

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are mostly used in high-precision work, but over time their use has spread to various other fields including the artistic ones. Basically these machines produce a…

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