Watch the fascinating creation of a ... rose made of steel! -
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Watch the fascinating creation of a…
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Watch the fascinating creation of a ... rose made of steel!


Can a metal such as steel be able to express the delicacy and beauty of a flower such as the rose? If it is created by expert hands, then the answer is a resounding, yes!

In fact, in this video, this is demonstrated by the meticulous and awe-inspiring work of this expert metal craftsman! We watch him as he creates a beautiful work of art, working with great care and attention.

Moreover, we realize that even although we see his actions accelerated in the video that actually this is a long and demanding process!

Pretty Interesting! Source: Atelier Zimmermann - Blacksmith - Kunstschmied

Pubblicato da Cocktail-VP su Venerdì 30 dicembre 2016

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