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A mother who installed a vending machine at home to prevent her children from always eating unhealthy snacks

The lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic has put a strain on everyone's life. One of the aspects that has suffered most from the period of forced quarantine is the daily life of little ones. Children,…

Stranger dumps hundreds of used tires on farmer's land: farmer finds him and dumps them back on stranger's property

Patience is a virtue, but it also has its limits. As a society who is predominantly Christian, most of us have grown up learning about Christian principles such as "turn the other cheek." We've been taught…

This couple live in a floating house they built with their own hands almost 30 years ago

For many people their dream home remains an unrealized project. Usually the biggest obstacle is the financial one. However, if it is not possible to buy something that is already there, the alternative…

Brother hacks off little sister's hair: hairstylist saves the day and turns her hair disaster into a cute and edgy haircut

When there are small children in the house, anything can happen. And by "anything" we mean that all household objects (pointed objects, detergent, inflammable products, etc.) can be used as weapons. Luckily,…

A stray cat "asks" to come into a woman's home to give birth to her kittens in safety

Maternal instinct is not a prerogative reserved only for human beings. In fact, animals often manage to express the same tenderness and protection that people have for their children. These two worlds,…

This girl has 4 different boyfriends and they all live together: now that she's pregnant, they've all agreed to raise the child as one big family

Monogamy is a relatively new concept, when you think about how polygamy has been around since the dawn of time. In prehistoric times, it wasn't uncommon for men and women alike to have multiple relationships…

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