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Are you gaining weight? It is your best friend's fault, researchers say!

If you have been desperately trying to lose weight for some time without achieving the desired results, perhaps you should stop changing from one type of diet to another looking for the best one! It would…

Kindness is a marvelous force that manages to break down every wall between people

Despite Anne Herbert's famous precept, "Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”, in reality, actually seeing someone practicing "random acts of kindness" has become increasingly…

Couples who post fewer selfies on social media are happier than those who publish more

How happy is a couple? There is no scientific and sure way to say how happy a couple is by looking at it from the outside. Only the couple knows, living day by day, the problems that occur within the…

The beautiful and fake life that many people feel the need to flaunt online

Since social media networks have made their appearance, a category of people has emerged that feel very strongly the need to show off and pretend to be what they are not --- and who eventually end up…

The youngest siblings are usually the funniest in the family

In every large family, there are different types of personalities, partly and inevitably linked to the roles covered by each member. For example, parents, being the highest authorities of the group, will…

All the characteristics of Taurus --- which is the most tenacious sign of the zodiac!

This is a person who is a perfectionist, and who also knows how to be kind, calm, and combative, but only when necessary. And they were born under the sign of Taurus, the most tenacious sign of the zodiac. …

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