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The way you close your fist reveals a lot about your character! Go ahead, try it!

Body language is part of non-verbal communication and is much more important than one might imagine. The gestures that accompany our conversations comprise at least 50% of our ability to communicate and…

Having an envious friend is far more dangerous than having 10 enemies

With enemies you make war, but you can also eventually make peace. You can also be attacked by your enemies, but because you expect it, more than likely you will be able to defend yourself. The situation…

Studies confirm that husbands stress their wives even more than children

That married women can feel more stress than single women is no secret. Children, home, family and work, they are all highly "stressful" factors. But, surprisingly, it is the husbands who contribute greatly…

People who walk fast live 15 years longer than those who walk slowly, says a research study

"Slow and steady wins the race", everyone knows the wisdom of old proverbs, but what if for once the truth were actually another? To contradict one of the oldest and most well-known sayings is a scientific…

These two women celebrated their 30 years of friendship by getting two smiling beer mug tattoos

It is said that true friendship can withstand all the adversities of life. In fact, the life paths and the choices in front of which we can find ourselves can often be so many and diverse, as to make…

An 18-year-old offends an 81-year-old man on the beach, but the elderly man gives him a lesson he won't forget!

On the Internet, real or fictional anecdotes circulate, drawn perhaps from urban legends or from news stories taken from multiple sources, each time with some detail that has been modified. These types…

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