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Dancing is good for the body and mind and also reverses the aging process of the brain!

Age is a state of mind! Even, if it is true that cellular aging occurs with the passage of time, nevertheless,  to always feel young it would be enough not to stop doing some the good things that we…

Don't throw away watermelon seeds! They are nutritious and rich in beneficial properties

Among the most symbolic fruits of the summer season, there is undoubtedly watermelon, which is an excellent source of mineral salts, vitamins, and lots of water. But what many do not know is that its…

Don't underestimate Capricorn people! Here is why they make excellent life companions!

Nothing represents the people born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn better than the wild mountain goat known as the Alpine ibex aka steinbock. Just like this fabulous animal that lives wild and free,…

Evil eye? Here is how to find out if someone is sending you negative vibrations!

Spells, hexes, and the evil eye are all deliberate concentrations of negative vibrations that can harm our health.   Many people remain skeptical of these topics, but it is undeniable that the evil…

People with green eyes are as rare as they are fascinating and here are the reasons why!

The eyes are a fundamental component of an individual's personal charm. From looking at someone's eyes we can perceive joy, worry, happiness, anger or the attention of those with whom we interact. In…

Ideal wives are born in these three zodiac signs, but all men, in particular, lose their heads for number three!

Marriage is an important step in everyone's life. While making this decision, there are many factors to consider before embarking on this adventure. However, such things as affinities or differences in…

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