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15 women who have decided to put on make-up before giving birth to relax and feel confident

Childbirth is a unique experience in a woman's life. After 9 months of waiting, preparation and emotion, it's not uncommon that on that day you feel a strange anxiety and apprehension you never experienced…

"I have goosebumps": 16 photos that can move us

Wherever we look around, the world we live in can send us chills and emotions that are unique in their kind; whether it is negative or positive emotions, tears of joy or sadness, whether it is a dazzling…

A pregnant woman is forced to carry her shopping alone up two flights of stairs: the delivery boy didn't want to help her

Being the mother of a small child and at the same time experiencing the last months of another pregnancy is not easy; it is not at all easy for the woman who is undertaking this important and tiring path…

At 23 she already has 11 children but she doesn't want to stop: she hopes to have more in the future

Being a mother is the desire of many women: there are those who would like one or two children, those who dream of twins, those who have always wanted to adopt and those who - not being able to have children…

20 people who were considered "ugly ducklings" at school and now have their personal revenge

The transition period between adolescence and adulthood can be particularly difficult for some, especially when it comes to personal apprearances. It is an age of change, in which we look in the mirror…

This woman has a husband and 3 boyfriends: she talks about what it means to have a polyamorous relationship

Love has no limits: how many times have we heard this phrase? In people's hearts there is enough space for affection towards a partner or a companion, for parents, animals, friends, brothers or sisters.…

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