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Brad Pitt transported and hand delivered crates full of food for the neediest people in his city

When duty calls, not even one of the biggest movie stars on the planet holds back. Sure, many will wonder if it's all a publicity stunt to attract more media attention, but someone like Brad Pitt, who…

"I will never hide my past": a guy reveals his gender change against any prejudice

Feeling in perfect harmony with your body and mind is never an easy task, especially if you grow up in a context in which you perceive more and more that the body with which you were born does not belong…

Social media vs. reality: 15 fun photos show "behind the scenes" of some terrific shots

Professional photographers know every single trick of the trade to be able to get the best results and give the whole world  magical and  amazong shots. Sometimes it takes a bit of inventiveness and…

15 stunning wedding photographs from yesteryear that look like they came out of a movie set

We have no doubt that our grandparents were cooler than us; just browse once again through the dusty pages of the old family albums to discover and then you can be sure that when they were young, they…

The strange story of a 33-year-old man trapped in the body of a teenager: he stopped growing at 14

There are many people who, despite getting older, manage to keep themselves young both in spirit and in form, but this young Russian has definitely exceeded all human limits. Denis Vashurin would seem…

17 newborn babies who at just a few days old looked like adorable old men

A child's smile always manages to cheer and move us, distancing us from any negativity and straightening even the most crooked day. The birth of a child, then, is an even more a unique and exciting event,…

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