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Sage and rosemary bundles: according to Native American tradition, these two herbs can help ward off negative energies

According to a thousand-year-old Native American tradition, the act of burning aromatic plants can purify the soul and clean the air in one's environment of negative energies. The ritual consisted in…

A dog chooses his favorite snack and brings it to the cashier to "pay for it", like a real 4-legged customer

Anyone who is lucky enough to have a dog besidet to them knows how well these beautiful animals are able to amaze us and give us satisfaction. Sometimes they do it at our instruction, other times quite…

15 DIY haircuts and beauty procedures that failed miserably

Have you ever felt the urge to cancel your appointment at the hair salon and just cut your hair yourself? What about other beauty procedures? It definitely will save you some money, but if the results…

15 images that show how life is amazing and full of tenderness

Life is a beautiful gift. Yes, even if very often we are forced to walk a path of darkness, made of tears, sadness and loneliness, know that it is all part of the baggage of human experience that we all,…

Try out this fun visual test: look for the leopard hidden in the image

For a lone or unwary person, venturing into an environment like Savannah can be really dangerous. Predators and pitfalls can pop up at every corner, and it's good to know how to find them in time. Whoever…

4 geese become "bodyguards" for an elderly woman: they follow her and protect her wherever she goes

When we think of a pet, the first one that comes to mind is almost certainly the dog. Still, "man's best friends" are not the only creatures that can show us faithfulness, loyalty and closeness. Sometimes…

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