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Video Altruism

Daily acts of altruism

A great video about acts of altruism and humanity toward the neighbor ..

The Jamaican bike, A small gesture can make a child happy

Here is an example of creative recycling: a boy shows how to make a "Jamaican bike" using the pieces of lighters. By transforming and giving new life to everyday objects, you can give a child an unexpected…

Winning the lottery for a homeless

Imagine a person that has nothing and no one, then get him to collect a winning lottery ticket for $ 1,000. The reaction will strike you ... Very Emotional!

What would you have done in this situation?

A commercial to raise awareness about the situation of children in Syria. For example, would you have helped the small Johannes?

Simple acts of kindness, make an attempt!

Sometimes we forget to look at what is happening around us in order to help those who need it. Your gestures are important too, make an attempt.

This man made friends with a homeless woman and now they have lunch together every Tuesday and he teaches her how to read

Homeless people are everywhere in the world. These are people who end up living on the street (or who are born there) for the most disparate reasons and who, from that moment, seem to become ghosts for…

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