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JP Wallace's Moving Cover Of The Song "7 Years Old"...

At times it can be very difficult to find the right words to accurately express our mood or emotions. On these occasions, music can help us say what we want to convey.  That is exactly what JP Wallace,…

Monday Morning Blues Like You Have Never Seen Before!

We know that waking up on certain days can be more traumatic than others, and apparently, this is also true for children. This little girl, for example, the night before stayed up a little later than…

A Math Professor Tries To Correct His Mistake ....Hilarious!

Professor Matthew Weathers teaches mathematics at Biola University (California) and often enjoys playing cool jokes on his students, especially on April Fool's Day. Once again, in 2017, the professor…

A Student Saves His Choking Classmate! Wow!

When someone is choking it often takes a few seconds to realize what is actually happening and that something is really blocking their airway. As a matter of fact, the schoolmates of this young man, at…

See The Ultimate Tribute To A Professor! Absolutely Wonderful!

For those who love their work retirement is not good news, at least in the first few days. This is especially true for teachers who, despite the anger and fatigue they may feel every day, in the end,…

In S. Korea, Students Know That Failing Is Not... An Option!

In South Korea, the third year of high school is one in which you take an exam that determines whether you can apply to a university for admission or not! All the third year high school students both…

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