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10 Teachers Who Would Make Anyone Love To Study ...

Upon entering a classroom at school have you always been faced with teachers who are rather advanced in age, not very receptive to current trends, and with whom you felt you had nothing to share? Judging…

The Blue Part Of An Eraser Is Not Meant To Be Used To Erase Ballpoint Pen Ink! Here Is The True Use ...

There are some items that have become part of our memories; among these are some that we used when we were in school. Who among you did not fill entire notebooks using Bic ballpoint pens and erased countless…

One Teacher's Message About Bullying

A teacher had a brilliant idea that would encourage her students to think about what bullying truly means.  Since the teacher did not want to resort to heavy conversations and complicated philosophical…

A Teacher's Encouragement Can Make A Big Difference!

If you have been lucky enough to have met one, then you will definitely remember, that teacher who, for some reason, has played an important part in your school life (and maybe even personal), a person…

True Indicators Of Real Progress In Education ….

Not getting good grades at the end of a school year can be daunting for both student and family. However, some teachers know that often written tests are limited to assessing specific skills that have…

Teach Your Child Multiplication The Easy Way!

At some point in elementary schools, usually around the age of 7-8 years old, the school program involves the inevitable teaching of the multiplication tables.  The terror, that the words, namely, multiplication…

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