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18 Surreal Images That Show Us What Nature Is Capable Of ...

If you surf the web or browse through naturalistic photography books, perhaps you thought you had already seen everything (or almost) that nature has to offer! Well, this photo gallery that we propose…

15 Photos Of "Sea Monsters" That Will Make You Think Twice Before You Dive Into The Sea

If we think about how pleasant and especially relaxing it is to go out on a nice boat trip and a take a refreshing dive into the sea, well, when we do this, we are not considering what "surprises" could…

19 Trees That Have No Intention Of "Giving Up The Ghost"!

There are many religions that see trees as wise beings due to their long life. Looking at these pictures, it is easy to consider them endowed with a personality and a combative spirit that fights against…

All The Secrets Regarding "the Tree Of Death" One Of The Most Dangerous Plants On Earth!

Have you ever gone for a walk in the countryside or in a park and come across an unknown tree full of juicy fruits? Well, as you know, in these cases, you should not play around with nature, and tasting…

Exciting News About The Bermuda Triangle!

Everyone calls it, Shelley Island, the island of shells, due to the many shells of all shapes and tonalities, as well as the thousands of colored stones that can be found there. It is an island that was…

"Dragon Hole" In The China Sea Is Now The World's Deepest Blue Hole!

Dragon Hole looks like a huge, intensely blue hole in the middle of the Chinese Sea, and has been proclaimed the world's deepest blue hole, surpassing the record set by Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.…
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