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An Incredible Moment When Lightning Strikes A Tree As A Driver Is Passing!

Observing a flash of lightning is always a fascinating sight! However, only when lightning hits something close to us, do we truly begin to realize the enormous power of the electrical charge that is…

A Mesmerizing View Of An Enormous Lake Spillway! Wow!

When the rains increase the water basin of Lake Berryessa, the largest in the county of Napa (California), it is possible to dispose of the excess water thanks to the enormous spillway realized by hydraulic…

Watch A Part Of An Enormous Glacier Collapse! Epic!

The same way that witnessing a spectacular giant lava stream flowing into the sea takes our breath away so too watching this enormous glacier wall collapse. In fact, here in this video, we see the gigantic…

Nature Turns On The Fireworks As Volcano Lava Pours Into The Sea!

What we are about to show you is a volcanic eruption that has been going on since 1983! As a matter of fact, the crater named Pu'u'Ō'ō located on the Kilauea volcano never ceases to captivate the residents…

Here Is Something These Tourists Never Expected To See!

From a geological point of view, the Hawaiian islands are located in an area with newly formed volcanoes that are extremely active. In fact, look what happened off the Island of Kamokuna! During a boat…

Jadav Payeng "The Forest Man Of India"--- A Truly Inspirational Person!

Everybody calls him "The Forest Man of India", not because he lives in a forest, but because he created one! His name is Jadav Payeng, and he hails from a small village in India, on the banks of the Brahmaputra…

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