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See A Lighthouse Stand Up To A TYPHOON!

If you have thought about trying to film the biggest waves ever seen, perhaps tracking a typhoon is the right thing to do (keep a safe distance, though!).  This video maker has, in fact, captured the…

The Resurrection Of Chernobyl

Following the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in 1986, the area surrounding the plant was evacuated. To this date, there is no human presence, except for the thousands of curious visitors…

These Little Ants Can Move Mountains!

Take an ant by itself --- it has no weapons with which to protect itself from most predators and little chance of survival. Now put a lot of them together --- what they can do collectively is unbelievable!…

What Happens To Soil AFTER An Earthquake?

There is a little-known phenomenon that follows a strong earthquake. It is called soil liquefaction or earthquake liquefaction and is an event that is closely linked to the type of terrain or soil that…

Breathtaking Suspense! Will This Iguana Survive?!

The spectacular movie you see is from a British nature documentary series filmed by the BBC that has kept millions of people holding their breath in suspense. The protagonist is an iguana that discovers…

Watch This Unusual Fungus "hatch" And Grow ...

Fungi, in their immense range of shapes and colors, do not all have the same classic umbrella shape. In fact, some fungi may take on contours and colors that are very special and peculiar, such as in…

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