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The Heart Will Go On ... ❤️

After 33 years of marriage, Janet died from a heart attack. Her husband, Winston, in a few seconds, saw his world crumble around him, sure that the pain of her death could never be overcome. Even though…
Exciting Love Nature

Spectacular Video Of A Tornado Moving Fast! ..... RUN! :)

A tornado is a violent vortex of air formed at the base of a cumulonimbus (a dense towering vertical cloud) created by water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents. This natural wonder is a highly…

By Plastic WE Live And By Plastic THEY Die ...

The year 2016 began with an alarming incident! On the coasts of the German town of Toenning, 13 sperm whales died after being beached. The first quick autopsy on their bodies determined that the cause…

The Function Of The Narwhal Whale Tusk Revealed By A Drone!

For some time now, there has been a new way of exploring the world, namely through the use of drones. These devices can go everywhere, are quiet and discreet and are equipped with the latest generation…

Not Even This Remote Island Can Escape Plastic Litter! Incredible!

Henderson Island is an island of discrete size located in the Pacific Ocean. The island is uninhabited and is visited only once every five to ten years by some scientists also located 5000 km away from…

A Mini-tornado Suddenly Appears In Lillehammer (Norway)

In some areas of the US tornadoes are a fairly common phenomenon, but in this case, it was Norwegian kids and their parents who saw a very strong whirlwind suddenly appear just next to the soccer field…

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