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She Collects Stones From Along The River And Turns Them Into "living" Creatures!

If we took a walk on the bank of a river full of multiform pebbles, we would all see only groups of small stones transported by the water and sculpted by time. Everyone else, but not the Japanese artist…

9 Impressive Images Show Us How Fruits And Vegetables Have Changed Over The Centuries

All of us are used to thinking about fruits and vegetables in the forms in which we find them on the fruit and vegetable stands, almost assuming that Mother Nature has delivered them, exactly as they…

These Grid Waves Attract Tourists But It Is A Dangerous Phenomenon That Needs To Be Known

The magnificence of nature often unfolds in unexpected shapes and events of incredible strength. This is the case of the so-called "cross-sea" or "grid" waves and the effect they produce, which is an…

20 Phenomenal Photos That Show All The Creativity Of Mother Nature

No one has ever questioned the capacities of Mother Nature, and the latter gives rise to never-ending and astonishing phenomena as if she wants to constantly impress us with her immense artistic qualities…

Here Is How Some Fruit And Vegetables Looked Before Humans Began To Cultivate Them

We are now accustomed while walking among the supermarket aisles and counters to recognize the most common fruit and vegetables on display at a quick glance. But what reaction would you have if we told…

18 Surreal Images That Show Us What Nature Is Capable Of ...

If you surf the web or browse through naturalistic photography books, perhaps you thought you had already seen everything (or almost) that nature has to offer! Well, this photo gallery that we propose…

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