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A Very Loud And Annoying Prank! Check It Out!

This is definitely the worst joke a friend has ever played on another friend!  This clever man has attached the car horn to the braking system and the result is that every time the victim pushes the…
Cars Funny Jokes

A Sales Girl In A Car Dealership Totally Surprises The Customers!

Mitsubishi Motors has created this little practical joke to give its customers unusual driving experiences and to highlight the incredible properties of their cars. To do so, they hired a very special…
Cars Funny Jokes

Want To See A Freaky Incident? What Were The Chances Of This Happening?

The surveillance cameras film a scene that will be difficult to recapture again!  What we see is a girl who is playing with a couple of straws that she found on her desk. She slips one straw into each…

Look What Happens When A Man Suddenly Cuts Off His Beard!

After having grown a beard for over a year and a half, this man decides to cut it off! In fact, in his bathroom, in the middle of the night, in exactly one and a half minutes, he shaves it off while his…

When Is Flashing Children NOT A Nasty Prank?

There are some people who not only have their own channel on Youtube but as YouTubers, they plan, choreograph, and stage the funniest jokes you can imagine. One of them was pretending to bother the kids…

Pure Panic! Run! What WAS ....that THING!

If you live in a place that is also a natural habit for crocodiles then a prank like this will work to perfection!  Th creators of this "hidden camera" prank decided to put a frisky dog in a very realistic…
Dogs Funny Jokes

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