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First, You Watch It --then You FEEL IT! Wow!

On the occasion of the release of the horror movie "The Ring 3" (February 2017 in the US), the clever managers of a TV store came up with an idea to get themselves talked about in the news by organizing…

How Would You Feel If You Could Not See Your Reflection In A Mirror?

Finding yourself the protagonist of a candid camera joke can be a truly disturbing experience!  This lady, for example, just cannot comprehend the fact that the girl in the bathroom with her is able…
Funny Jokes

See Why This Little Girl Still Believes In Santa Claus! :)

This 6-year-old girl no longer believed in Santa Claus, so her dad decided to figure out a way to bring back her faith in his existence. Consequently, this clever dad organized an elaborate plan using…

The Effects Of Helium And Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas

If you have a helium balloon you must not miss the chance to completely transform the timbre of your voice!  In fact, since this gas is lighter than air it "facilitates" the vibration of the vocal cords…

People Who Do This Should Be Ashamed!

Occupying parking spaces reserved for the disabled by people who do not have a permit is a practice that is, to say the least, uncivilized, but which is, unfortunately, spreading like wildfire in cities…

An Invisible Magic Chair That Seems SO Real!

If you happen to see a man sitting on nothing but air, do not be afraid! This is the latest "magic" illusionist trick that street artists are doing which is causing a lot of fun in entire cities around…

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