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 The 10 Laws Of Karma Remind Us To Start Living A Full Life In Peace And Harmony

Karma is a cosmic law, which links reactions of cause and effect: according to karma, if we are in a positive or negative state it is only because it is the response to an action previously performed.…

 The Cashier Offends An Elderly Woman Because She Does Not Use Ecological Bags: She Silences It Brilliantly

We have always been taught to respect the elderly, both because they are older and because experience leads them to be inevitably wiser. However, a cashier in a supermarket thought it would be better…

Left-handed People Tend To Be More Intelligent Than Right-handed People --- A Study Confirms This

For a long time, in various cultures, left-handed people due to prejudices were considered inferior.  In fact, in Europe, they spoke of the left hand as  "the hand of the devil" and in the Arab-Muslim…

Firefighters Warn Us To Never Leave Plastic Bottles In Our Car

Carrying a bottle of water with you is a healthy habit, especially in the hot months of the year. However, at the time of the year when temperatures can rise significantly, special care must be taken…

Experts Recommend Letting Children Go Barefoot For As Long As Possible --- Here's Why!

It is a common thing nowadays to see parents act in an excessively protective way towards their children. Admittedly, it is difficult to analyze if today, it is actually right for parents to adopt such…

Here Is How You Should Behave If You See A Dog With A Yellow Ribbon Bow Tied To Its Leash

Loving dogs means being able to respect them in their individuality and in their needs, which may very well be different for each dog. In fact, like people, every dog has a specific character and needs,…

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