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Wait! Do Not Throw Away Those Glass Jars! Here's Why!

To give your kitchen a fresh and lively atmosphere, what could be better than a mini herb garden? Besides having a relaxing effect and perfuming the environment, these herbs will prove useful to flavor…

A Clever Idea For A Quick And Easy Jewelry Box!

A jewelry box does not have to contain objects that are necessarily economically valuable but certainly the objects that mean the most to us should be housed in the best possible manner. So, have you…

An Easy Pompon Rug You Can Make Yourself!

How many times have you happened to go searching for a new bathroom mat or a soft and cozy bedside rug, only to end up buying whatever you could find --- even if the colors or fantasy designs were not…
DIY Ideas

Check Out These Really Cool Decorative Paper Napkin Bowls!

This short tutorial will be useful both in the case of a get-together organized at the last minute, or a planned event for which you want to offer a touch of originality and above all something that…

Discover "String Art" And Personalize Your Home Decor!

For "String Art", we mean any geometrical creation obtained by weaving colored thread around nails fixed onto a surface. In this article, we will provide a fairly simple example, so that anyone can try…

Seven Stylish Ways To Fold A Table Napkin!

You know when you go to a restaurant and notice that the table napkins have been folded in a particularly attractive way?  Often the beauty of the stylish design distracts us from the simplicity that…

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