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Breathe Some New Life Into Old Bras! Recycle!

How many things can you do by recycling an old bra? More than you can imagine! Eliminate the pain of high-heeled footwear using bra pads under the midfoot or arch, upcycle and personalize a bra to…

Discover How To Drill Drainage Holes In Clay Pots!

Having a green space inside a house is almost as critical as having a kitchen! Why? The main reason is that taking care of plants and flowers is able to relax us much more than many other methods. Then…

Discover How Easy It Is To Keep Your Bathroom In Order!

Having a neat house does not completely depend on the character of a person. Certainly, it helps if a person already has a natural tendency to be neat but if a person is not naturally inclined to be neat…

Discover How To Make Your Own Homemade Fresh Cheese!

There was never a lack of cheese in our house: the reason is that besides being one of the easiest foods to find (for whoever had milk animals in their stable), it was also very cheap to make. Today we…
DIY Ideas Kitchen

An Artist Takes Crochet To A Whole New Level! Check It Out!

It does not happen every day to see a DIY creation become a popular design object ... However, that is what has happened to a DIY project called "Light Carpet", created by the architect and interior designer…
DIY Ideas

Copper Tube Herb Garden Rack

If you do not have the possibility to put your plant and flower vases out on a windowsill, here is a DIY project for you! What you need to do is go to a hardware store and buy some copper pipes, t-fitting…

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