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Where Is The Most Off-limits Place For Your Dog In Your House?

This is what usually happens --- first, you resist your children's begging and pleas to adopt a dog, then finally you surrender, stipulating that the animal will have to learn and obey the rules of…

A Spirit That Would Not Give Up!

This pit bull puppy was found huddled on a sidewalk in Los Angeles at the end of a very hot summer season. She was very thin, although close to her there was a bowl full of food that someone had brought…

Here Is How To Stay In A Park Longer ...

The best things always end too soon, such as a walk in the park! This video clip was filmed in Australia where we see a cute and capricious dog got the best of its owner. In the video, we see that the…

Speech Is Silver Until You Lose It....then It Is Gold!

More and more people in the world have to deal with Alzheimer's, a disease that completely transforms people. This disease eliminates the ability to relate to people, thereby causing alienation from everything…

Another Sad Case Of Animal Cruelty!

Hayden Howard is the owner of a beautiful English mastiff. One day she noticed that he was particularly sad and depressed, and when she took a good look at him she understood the reason. Her dog's body…
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An Expected Presence On Stage With The Vienna Chamber Orchestra!

The wonderful city of Ephesus, in Turkey, is one of the best places for classical music concerts. In fact, during a performance of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, something happened that made this evening…

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