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A Great Dane On A Trampoline! WoW!

That a dog can and will perform athletic feats just to spy on its owner or a "rival" dog that lives next door we can well imagine but then there are those who even go so far as to exploit ... a child's…

He Never Lost Hope And Sure Enough ... His Dog Had Returned!

Rocco and his family had been looking for their dog Jack everywhere but could not find him and had eventually resigned themselves. But even so, Rocco still continued to cry because, he said, he had lost…

Three Chihuahuas And Some Compassionate People ...

In Los Angeles, three dogs were living in a parking lot and surviving by eating scraps from the garbage. They had been abandoned and abused, it looked like someone had driven them away using a pellet…

Even Husky Dogs Want And Need Their Own Space! Who Knew!? LOL

Huskies are dogs who are comfortable in a human family because it is their nature to feel the need to be part of a pack, but apparently, their nap time is sacrosanct for them too! In fact, when the owner…
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This Tired Pit Bull Dog Is Gentle Even When His Owner Wakes Him Up!

When in the morning we go to wake up someone who is sleeping deeply, the reactions that such a wake up can trigger can be among the most diverse! However, the one that this woman gets when she goes to…

Would You Sell Your Dog For $100,000 USD?

In this social experiment, a man tries to buy the dogs of the people he meets. He has a briefcase with $100,000 USD and appears to be serious! However, almost all of the people, do not want or intend…

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