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Here We Present Leela, The Strangest (and Sweetest) Pit Bull In The World

When your dog starts doing strange things even though it is in excellent health, you still go online to look for advice or simply to share certain captured images with the world and that is a good idea.…

These Beautiful Images Of Dogs Before And After Adoption Will Put You At Peace With The World

If you know someone who is considering getting a four-legged friend, it is probably appropriate to show him/her this touching photo gallery of images presenting animals photographed before and after…

They Found Him On The Streets Looking Like A "monster" But 8 Months Later He Does Not Seem To Be The Same Dog!

The health conditions of this dog when it was sighted wandering on the streets in Croatia were so horrible that they probably kept many people away from him.  Even when a person with a heart of gold…

These Photos Are Proof That We Should All Have A Dog In Our Lives

You have to admit that it's a classic! If you start exchanging words with dog owners, it's very easy to hear phrases like this: "At first, I did not want to have a dog, but then ... ". Yes, because dogs…

20 Hilarious Proofs That Huskies Are The Most Communicative Dogs Ever!

If you have ever had a Husky dog in your life, you already know what we are talking about! Huskies are playful, with a strong sense of the pack, noisy, aesthetically pleasing and have in general, a very…

They Take Their Dog To A Shopping Mall And Her Reaction Has The Internet Laughing!

Sometimes dogs demonstrate clearly just how much they live in complete harmony with the life of their owner, so much so that they behave in a way that does not seem to belong to an animal but rather to…

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