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20 Dogs That Just Cannot Respect Their Owner's Personal Space

The fact of having a dog living in the house that is constantly looking for cuddles and who manages to be good company in times of need is certainly considered an incredible good fortune according to…
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This Unusual Pair Of Friends Take Incredible Trips Together And Enchant Us With Their Photos!

It all began when mountain climber Cynthia Bennett and her partner decided to adopt a puppy dog named Henry and take him on the road with them. Henry was only 14 weeks old, but he was already brave enough…
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This Dog Is Known Throughout The Neighborhood For Her Curious Passion --- Hugging Passers-by!

César Fernàndez-Chàvez owns a dog that is out of the ordinary. His Golden Retriever Loubitina - called Loubi - has, in fact, a habit that we would never expect from a dog! As a matter of fact, every…

A Dog Stares At Its New Owners Every Night And The Reason Why Makes The Family Cry ...

When you adopt a dog, especially if you decide to take it from a kennel, you know that your family will be enriched by the presence of the new member, a four-legged friend that certainly has not had a…

20 Humorous Photos Of Dogs Behaving Like Human Beings

After a lifetime together, we often forget that our dogs belong to another species. This is also because they are able not only to adapt perfectly to their owner's lifestyle but also to emulate it, becoming…

21 Dogs That Are Convinced That "If I Do Not See Them, They Do Not See Me"!

Probably if a person regrets not being born into a dog's body, it is because his or her life is too troublesome and too complicated. In comparison, the life of a dog is far simpler and often it is characterized…

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