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Is It Possible For A Dog To Act Like A Cat? Check It Out! :)

Dogs and cats are both animals that make excellent pets but they are very different from each other! Dogs are extremely involved in domestic family life and their growth resembles, in some respects,…

Rescued From Certain Death In A Canyon!

After work, he headed toward the canyons that he loves so much and there he made a discovery that left him speechless and full of disgust. A man named Zak, just by chance spotted a young puppy dog abandoned…

Take A Look At The World's Tallest Dog And The World's Smallest Dog!

If you want to welcome a dog into your home, it is good to think whether its size, current or future, is suitable for the space you have at your disposal. Living in an apartment with a large dog can…

This Dog's Face And Expression Say It All ...

It is true that if you can no longer take care of an animal, it is always better to entrust it to an animal shelter rather than to commit a vile act such as abandonment. However, the expression on the…

He Saved A Dog And Gave It A New Life!

Firefighter Mike Thawley of Sacramento (California) was completing an assignment with his crew when they spotted a small female puppy, Chunk tied to a pole during a heavy rainstorm and they did not hesitate…

Isn't This Dog A Little TOO Attached To Its Teddy Bear? :)

The stubbornness with which this dog attempts to put its rather large teddy bear friend inside of its enclosed dog bed has something about it that is vaguely macabre. However, this cute little dog named…

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