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A Driver Sees A Closed Black Plastic Garbage Bag MOVING ON THE ROAD...

We are well aware, that in the world there are people with a questionable sense of humanity, but when we are faced with cruelty for cruelty's sake, we cannot help but remain incredulous. This is what…
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Guess What This Corgi Dog Does For Fun?!

For this Corgi dog, it not enough that its owner repeatedly throws a stick or ball for him to catch and carry! This dog loves riding on a merry-go-round, it is the only way that it can give free reign…

A Tired Dog Is Sleeping On A Couch --- See What Happens! :)

You know the expression "deep sleep"? Here, the dog Apollo shows us all something that for many, whether concerning people or animals, remains very hard to believe could happen!  The dog's weariness,…
Animals Dogs Funny

An Extraordinary Save For This Lucky Dog!

This dog, walked quietly onto the road, of course, without having any idea that this was the route for a rally in progress!  The video camera shows the dog walking quietly along the road, but after a…

This Dog Was Transformed By Tender Loving Care ...

Veterinarians and medical organizations save animals who are on the verge of dying every day, but they never get used to seeing animals suffering, and each time they feel a pang of fear of not being able…
Animals Dogs Rescues

Lazarus -- By Name And By Nature! :)

Lazarus had lived, abandoned and completely left to himself, in a barn amongst the dirt and his own excrement, without anyone to take care of him for six years. The volunteers of an animal refugee organization…
Animals Dogs Rescues

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