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Video Art

Pouring Ink Into The Water: The End Result Is AMAZING

It's called 'Ebru' and it's a Turkish art that consists in pouring ink into water, creating the most incredible images to then put on paper.
Art Artists

She Start By Cutting A Block Of Wax: This Candle Will Leave You Speechless !

Art often has very creative processes which are able to fascinate and mesmerize who's watching, just like in this video, in which a woman creates a beautiful candle from a block of wax. At first she drafts…

With 10 Cuts On A Piece Of Wood, This Craftsman Creates Something Amazing

Lived in the early 1900s, Ernest "Mooney" Warther was one of the most famous carvers in history, to the point that they dedicated him an entire museum in Ohio (Warther Museum), visited each year by hundreds…
Art Handicraft Wtf

What Can You Do With Molten Aluminum And A Colony Of Ants?

The opinions of people are divided between two extremes. Some people think that this is a work of art, other people say that this is so cruel. What do you think? The author of the video: "These are the…
Art Wtf

This Artist Drills Thousands Of Holes Into Eggshells ... His Creations Are BEAUTIFUL

The Slovenian artist Franc Grom is the creator of a very special product made by piercing the surface of an egg shells thousands of times and using a few simple tools. As he explains, his creativity has…

He Speed Draws With Dots For 90 Hours --- You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

To understand the beauty of David Bayo's drawings you must bring the sketch close to your eyes, then millions of dots, drawn with a stylus will appear! No brush, no pencil, only ink and an infinite amount…
Art Talents

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