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Video Art

Wooden Segmented Chaos Vase -- Absolutely Stunning!

Woodworking is by no means a simple task! You have to know perfectly the materials that are to be used, the techniques to be applied and to be able to safely handle the machines. Nevertheless, woodworking…

Discover How Marble Stone Flooring Is Created!

Surely you have walked at least once in your lifetime on marble stone flooring. Can you believe that the floor that is so smooth and compact is actually formed by individual elements assembled together?…

Watch Artist And Designer Joe Fenton Work His Magic!

From the design to building the support structure, the completed piece that you see in the video took approximately three months. The artist, named Joe Fenton mainly works with graphite, ink, and acrylic…

Discover An Amazing Mexican Spray Paint Artist!

Porfirio Jimenez is a Mexican artist who specializes in creating paintings with cans of bright spray paint colors! In realizing his incredible works of art, though, Jimenez also utilizes other tools…

Discover An Awesome Painting Technique!

If you were in front of this work of art already completed you would probably never imagine that to paint the characteristic and distinctive body of a Chinese dragon, one brushstroke was sufficient!…

A Beautiful Vase Made Entirely Of Colored Pencils! Stunning!

A wood lathe is a machine that is used to shape a wooden object as it is rotated. The desired form and shape is obtained through the use of special chisels which remove the wood chips. Knowing how to…
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