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Video Art

"Floating Piers" An Artist's Dream That Enchanted The World!

On 18 June 2016, Floating Piers was inaugurated, the latest spectacular work of an American artist of Bulgarian origins, named Christo, born Christo Vladimirov Yavachev. The artist is one of the greatest…

Artwork With Astonishing Detail --- See This Bear's Fur!

A finished work of art does not reveal the number of hours that were employed to complete it or all the different stages that were required to achieve the final result. Thus, what in the end appears to…

A Domino Project That Took 15,000 Pieces And 25 Hours To Complete!

Hevesh5 is a professional Domino Artist who has exceeded all limits with the realization of her latest intricate and spectacular domino construction. The exorbitant numbers give an idea of the amount…

A Building That The Wind!

The building you see in the video is called the "Articulated Cloud". It is the artwork of environmental artist and sculptor, Ned Kahn and was built in 2004 in Pittsburgh. Currently, this structure houses…

Thousands Of Swaying Filaments --- Enjoy The Wonderful 360° Video!

In this 360° video (just click or put your finger on the screen to move in and around Pershing Square) you can admire the art installation called the "Liquid Shard", made up of thousands of silvery holographic…

He Drills Holes In A Block Of Ice --- His Creation Is Magnificent!

Thinking about art, the first thing that comes to mind are all the works of art that are centuries old that we can still see and admire. There are, however, other forms of art whose fascinating aspect…

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