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Video Art

Female Faces In 500 Years Of Western Art

Art is a beautiful thing, and we must say so loud and clear so everyone knows it, and no one forgets something as important as art. This video features over five hundred years of the history of Western…
Art Women

Jordan Anderson Transforms Tree Trunks Into Art!

A family living in Alaska asked talented wood carver Jordan Anderson, to make a bench from some rather large tree trunks. The result? Probably not even they expected something so spectacular! In fact,…

Tree Ring Music ---- Listen To One Of Nature's Melodies!

It is years that the Austrian artist Bartholomaus Traubeck has been working on his project. It is thanks to him that now we can finally listen to nature's music! His incredible idea consists of making…

Looking For A New Hobby? Try Mesmerizing String Art!

With colored thread, a wooden board, and some nails you can create something magnificent called String Art aka pin and thread art. Actually, it is quite simple. First, draw a distinct image or geometric…
Art Artists DIY

Look What Computer-controlled Machine Tools Can Do!

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are mostly used in high-precision work, but over time their use has spread to various other fields including the artistic ones. Basically these machines produce a…

Fibonacci Spiral Wood Shaving Is A Real ART!

Woodworking is an art that requires patience, precision, and imagination. A person must have a natural ability for both the physical side which requires strength and tenacity to handle large trunks of…

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