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Video Art

Dust Art Is So Stunning --- You Will Never Want To Wash Your Car!

No matter how well you take care of your car, it is inevitable that it will get dirty! The artist that you will meet in the video actually creates his drawings on dirty car windshields and windows! …

Watch This Astonishing Mandala Rainwork Street Art Reveal!

Rainy days are sad for everyone, but there is an artist who tries in every way to elicit a smile from people.  This artist does it, by spreading his very particular artwork on the sidewalks of the city. Thanks…

Watch This Venetian Glass Dragon Goblet Appear Before Your Eyes ...

Do you also find the process of making glass to be hypnotic? It's amazing to see how this material that is originally almost liquid can be molded into elaborately detailed forms in a short amount of time before…

Wooden Segmented Chaos Vase -- Absolutely Stunning!

Woodworking is by no means a simple task! You have to know perfectly the materials that are to be used, the techniques to be applied and to be able to safely handle the machines. Nevertheless, woodworking…

Discover How Marble Stone Flooring Is Created!

Surely you have walked at least once in your lifetime on marble stone flooring. Can you believe that the floor that is so smooth and compact is actually formed by individual elements assembled together?…

Watch Artist And Designer Joe Fenton Work His Magic!

From the design to building the support structure, the completed piece that you see in the video took approximately three months. The artist, named Joe Fenton mainly works with graphite, ink, and acrylic…

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