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Video Art

Discover An Awesome Painting Technique!

If you were in front of this work of art already completed you would probably never imagine that to paint the characteristic and distinctive body of a Chinese dragon, one brushstroke was sufficient!…

A Beautiful Vase Made Entirely Of Colored Pencils! Stunning!

A wood lathe is a machine that is used to shape a wooden object as it is rotated. The desired form and shape is obtained through the use of special chisels which remove the wood chips. Knowing how to…
Art Artists

Incredible Ambidextrous Drawing Skills -- A MUST SEE!

That some people have the ability to write with both hands, we knew, but there are those who manage to bring this skill to new sensational artistic levels!  This Japanese guy, ambidextrous from birth,…
Art Japan Talents

Ivan Hoo Is A Spectacular HYPER-REALISTIC Artist! Check It Out!

Ivan Hoo is an artist who calls himself a hyper-realistic artist. As a matter of fact, his drawings appear to be real, vibrantly alive, and dynamic. To draw, Ivan Hoo uses exclusively pastels and acrylic…

"Rainworks" Only Show Up When It RAINS!

You do not necessarily have to be weather sensitive to feel a bit sad and depressed on rainy days. If it rains sporadically, rain can be fascinating and enjoyable, but when it continues for an entire…

Discover A Sculptural Art Form The "Hobo Nickel".

The "Hobo Nickel" is the art of modifying coins and this sculptural art form was already in vogue in the eighteenth century! Now one of its main representatives is the UK-based engraver and urban artist…

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