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Video Art

18th-century Photo Technique Becomes Avant-garde!

Much of today's photographers try to make the best use of technology to enhance their photos, but Jacqueline Roberts swims decisively in counter-current when it comes to modern tendencies. Her photography…

When Urban Vandalism Becomes Clever And Cool ...

Potholes on the streets, light poles leaning or that have fallen down, entire neighborhoods without an iota of vitality ... Often waiting for some intervention from city authorities to eliminate or…

What's Next? Selfie Nails! Say WHAT?!

Are you looking for a style or fashion idea to distinguish yourself from everyone else? Do you like to amaze people around you by always adopting different and innovative looks? Then you are in the…

Discover Fascinating "Marbled Paper" Book Covers!

In the 1970s, the marbled effect was very fashionable! It was used on the covers of books, notebooks, and even to create prints to hang as paintings or posters. The fascinating creation and production…

Majestic Bronze And Water Sculptures By Malgorzata Chodakowska

Sculpture is an art form that is truly amazing! Just think how from a heavy marble block, the slender and gracious forms of Cupid and Psyche were born in Canova's masterpiece! It is a discipline that…

Female Faces In 500 Years Of Western Art

Art is a beautiful thing, and we must say so loud and clear so everyone knows it, and no one forgets something as important as art. This video features over five hundred years of the history of Western…
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