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Video Art

Fibonacci Spiral Wood Shaving Is A Real ART!

Woodworking is an art that requires patience, precision, and imagination. A person must have a natural ability for both the physical side which requires strength and tenacity to handle large trunks of…

Discover "Ebru" An Unknown Art That Is Trending Worldwide!

The art of painting on a water surface is called "Ebru" and it has ancient origins. There is no reliable information but it seems that it was born between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in Turkey,…

Discover Magical Indian Paper Art!

It's carnival time (Rio style!) or your birthday and you have organized a party at your house, and in 30 minutes your guests will be arriving! But now you realize that you have forgotten to buy the decorations!?…

A Tattoo Like You Have Never Seen Before! Wow!

Getting a tattoo is now a trendy fashion (and for many a true lifestyle) that has become more and more widespread.  There are many types of tattoos and various styles. For this reason, when we discover…

Dust Art Is So Stunning --- You Will Never Want To Wash Your Car!

No matter how well you take care of your car, it is inevitable that it will get dirty! The artist that you will meet in the video actually creates his drawings on dirty car windshields and windows! …

Watch This Astonishing Mandala Rainwork Street Art Reveal!

Rainy days are sad for everyone, but there is an artist who tries in every way to elicit a smile from people.  This artist does it, by spreading his very particular artwork on the sidewalks of the city. Thanks…

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