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Watch This Dog ... Literally Jumping For Joy! :)

After having fun with that Christmas commercial starring a lovable boxer taking advantage of a Christmas gift, today we show you the hilarious reaction his "cousin" had while watching the same advertisement.…

When Even HORSES LAUGH You Know You Are In Trouble!

This advertising spot will make you laugh out loud in a matter of seconds! Indeed, it is impossible not to laugh when you see and hear the snickering laughter of these horses who unabashedly mock a man…

First, You Watch It --then You FEEL IT! Wow!

On the occasion of the release of the horror movie "The Ring 3" (February 2017 in the US), the clever managers of a TV store came up with an idea to get themselves talked about in the news by organizing…

Crazy White Bear Mitsubishi And Gopher Hockey Outtakes!

Although much more brief than a short film, when shooting a commercial, it still always requires multiple takes to complete.  However, in the case of what we see now in this video, it seems that what…

Never Too Late To Be Inspired To "Break Free"...

The people who love to run do it for the feeling of freedom that is experienced when the wind ruffles their hair and fresh air enters directly into their lungs. Consequently, preventing someone from running…

Salvador Dalì ... Was CRAZY About Lavin Chocolate!

Salvador Dalí was not only an excellent painter but he was also very much admired for being charismatic, eccentric, and for having a keen sense of humor. In this rare video clip, we see him advertising…

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