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Never Too Late To Be Inspired To "Break Free"...

The people who love to run do it for the feeling of freedom that is experienced when the wind ruffles their hair and fresh air enters directly into their lungs. Consequently, preventing someone from running…

Salvador Dalì ... Was CRAZY About Lavin Chocolate!

Salvador Dalí was not only an excellent painter but he was also very much admired for being charismatic, eccentric, and for having a keen sense of humor. In this rare video clip, we see him advertising…

A Beautiful Moment When Others Lend A Helping Hand!

A colt pony enters a barn, approaches an old framed photograph and then tries to pull a heavy wagon with just its own strength. At first, we see that the colt pony is not able to make the wagon move,…

Give A Gift That Everyone Can Enjoy!

When Christmas is approaching adults begin to take note of the wishes that the little ones in the house would like to see fulfilled.  At the same time, those who have to deal with the Christmas advertising…

Japanese Workers Get The Job Done Quickly And Well!

When the Japanese want to prove something they do with the facts! Perhaps this is due to their great dedication to work or that their martial art philosophies are also reflected in their everyday life.…

Want To Buy A House? --- This House Tour Is Not What You Expect!

Fluctuations in the real estate market push realtors and estate agencies to continuously invent new and imaginative ways to attract potential clients and to convince them to buy a property. In this case,…

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