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A photographer recreates the sexist…
13 daily phrases that suggest the inferiority of women ... without realizing it! 15 photos that show us that previous generations had undoubtedly more style than today

A photographer recreates the sexist advertisements of the past with reversed roles --- Here are the results!

March 14, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What if things had gone in exactly the opposite direction? The author of this fictitious advertising campaign asked himself this question after hearing from an uncle that a woman's place was in the kitchen. 

Until a few decades ago, even in the so-called progressive western culture, the women's role of being relegated to the domestic environments was so widespread that many advertising campaigns exploited it to popularize the products that the economic boom allowed more and more people to buy.

The desecrating perspective offered by the photographer and visual artist Eli Rezkallah leads us once again to reflect on the subject.

When the easy opening of ketchup bottles was advertised:

To publicize this beer, attention was drawn to the fact that, unlike dinner, it was not something your wife could burn.


Wearing a pair of elegant Mr. Leggs brand pants makes women fall at your feet and even let you walk all over them!

With these pants, your wife will not be able to keep her hands off you --- to stop her you will have to bury her!

All this reverence to publicize a tie.

Women do not leave the kitchen; at most they look at the world through the window.

Here's what happens if your better half finds out that you do not test a coffee product in store before buying it.

Would you like to have more time to spend with your children? Buy this product and washing the dishes will be a job that you can do more quickly!

Winter is coming! We want to help you by "pushing" you to buy these leotards!

Here is the perfect Christmas present!

The idea for the realization of this particular photographic service, came to Rezkallah during a Thanksgiving day dinner spent with relatives in New Jersey. "I overheard some of my uncles talking about how women should cook and play the roles that "belong to them". Although I know that not all men think so, it remains true that these ideas still remain and that the essence of certain advertising from the 1950s has survived in the modern social fabric. So I tried to create works that give an idea of that same restrictive definition by gender, only with the roles reversed."

Find out more about Eli Rezkallah: 

Instagram @elirezkallah 


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