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Here's why we should not trust labels…
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Here's why we should not trust labels and advertising too much

February 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Those who deal with the creation of packaging products or advertising campaigns are constantly looking for solutions to make the goods appear as attractive as possible.

If it is food, it will have to look bigger and more nutritious; if it is a hotel, it must have a breathtaking view; if it is a cleaning product, it will have to seem effective and long-lasting.

But not always is the art of emphasizing the merits and hiding the flaws, impeccable, and when that happens, the funny contradictions you see in this photo gallery come out.

1. The packaging says strawberries but it contains blueberries?

2. "Out of Pretzels"!?


3. What exactly is the meaning of "New Bigger Size"?

4. If nothing else, the plus and the minus volume buttons are in the right place ...

5. Perspective is everything!


6. Protection 24 hours ... so why use it two times a day?

7. Resistant to fingerprints. More or less.


8. The 2X version is not twice as big as the original!

9. Since when does wood conduct electricity?


10. To exit after hours (17.00 - 08.00) press the red button. (???)

11. A pretty obvious contradiction!

12. Every time a package says "easy opening" --- it is IMPOSSIBLE to open!

13. It is advertised as a source of calcium ... with 0% calcium listed as an ingredient!

14. And finally a classic --- a sandwich or burger is (almost) never as you expect it!


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