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In China, A Mountain Landslide Covers Part Of A Forest!

In China, weeks of intense rains led to various discomforts in the cities, but no one ever thought of seeing a phenomenon such as what happened to this mountain! In the video, there are men who document…

A Warning For Dog Owners Concerning Hot Dogs And Razor Blades!

When you love animals and you are a good-hearted person, it is very difficult to believe that there are people who want to harm others or worse to harm even those who cannot defend themselves, like dogs,…

A Turkey Home Invasion!

This couple had been away for the weekend and upon returning home immediately noticed that one of their glass windows had been broken! Of course, they thought immediately that the glass window had been…

Pizza Hut Manager Uses The Kitchen Sink As A Toilet!

The surveillance cameras are clear --- the manager of this Pizza Hut in America used the kitchen sink as a toilet! As a matter of fact, the Pizza Hut restaurant manager was unequivocally filmed on video,…

Hey! Even GEESE Know Where And When To Cross The Street ...

Education is the basis of the rules for good coexistence, whether it be at home or any other social environment. The street is no exception --- both drivers of vehicles and pedestrians must comply with…

Marvelous Robot Dancer! Dytto -- Real Or Fake?!

On YouTube, her most popular video is the one where she dances in a version of the famous Barbie Girl song and when you see how this girl can move, you will understand why she attracts millions of views…

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