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These Photos Were Taken At The WORSE Moment Possible And The Result Is Absolutely Absurd!

All it takes is the wrong angle, a particular light, or just incorrect timing to capture an image that looks like something that it is really not. To understand what we are talking about, look at the…
Absurd Cute Funny

15 Absurdities That Even The Least Rigid Person In The World Would Find Unbearable

If you are obsessed with keeping things in order, in whatever way that means to you, then the images in this photo gallery will be hard to digest. However, we must acknowledge that people do not see things…

10 Situations Where Seriousness Has Been Set Aside ...

Serious people, adhere to the rules and keep their desire to do what they really want in check ... but who said we should always stick to this kind of behavior? Occasionally, it is also healthy (and fun)…

We Seem To Be On The Verge Of An Atomic Attack! - But Many Americans Do Not Even Know Where North Korea Is!

We live in a time of extreme uncertainty where the threat of a Korean nuclear attack against the United States is not such a remote reality. This is a possibility that is very scary, as is the ignorance…

Here Is Proof That Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention!

What you are about to see are high-grade DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions! These solutions were created without the need to follow any tutorials because they were born from a pure and simple need. In the…
Absurd DIY Funny

These 15 Images Demand A Second Look ...

Some photos are not exactly what we expected. Not because they are blurred, or too dark, but because they do not really represent reality, instead they make it even more entertaining. We are talking…
Absurd Cute Funny

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