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Playing The Claw Crane Game With ... Live Cats!?

The "claw crane game" is one that we all know, because to forget about all the money that we wasted on that game is difficult if not impossible!  This video, however, reveals a shocking scene! Instead…

Baseball 101? Never Forget To Touch The Home Plate!

If you do not know any baseball rules, you should know that if a player hits the baseball so hard that it goes off the playing field over the back fence, then the player can run towards home plate and…

Welcome To A Humongous Chinese Swimming Pool Party!

After discovering the circumstances of this extraordinary wave swimming pool in China you will never again lament about a crowded beach during the weekend! Imagine a large number of bathers in the same…

Can You Imagine Discovering A Nine-year-old Easter Egg?

In 2008, they had done some renovation work on their house and part of their old furniture had been put away. However, in 2017, they decided to return to using the old sofa. It was then that this family…

Watch This Guy Climb A 1500 Ft TV Tower! Wow!

When a TV transmission tower needs maintenance there are special workers who intervene and get the job done! These are amazing people who not only can resolve a technical issue but they also have no difficulty…

A Successful Surprise Attack!? --- Carried Out By A DEER!?

Sometimes things happen that are so strange that no one would believe it if anyone tried to describe it ---- yet it is true and it did happen -- if only they had the evidence to prove it!  That is exactly…

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