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When Polyglots Speak --- It Can Make Your Head Spin!

Wouter Corduwener is an artist with a Youtube channel that tries to encourage people to gain confidence and overcome their fear of cultural differences. In this video, he meets Zoran Radiceski, a Macedonian…

Granny Vs Toddler --- A Funny Multiple Task Challenge!

Tons of strange things can be found on the Internet but this is definitely one of the most peculiar!  A challenge, which at the end of the competition, we understand was never a real challenge?! In…

Skiing Down The Mount Etna Volcano Without Snow Is A Blast!

What are people with skis doing on a mountain where there is not even one snowflake? These individuals are not crazy, well, perhaps, not entirely! These three young women decided to descend the Mount…

One Woman And Her 30 Days Of Madness!

At the age of twenty-four, Susannah Cahalan was at the beginning of a promising career as a journalist for the New York Post and had recently started a happy loving relationship. From one day one to the…

One Of The Most Complicated Honor Guard Drill Exhibitions EVER!

Until the 1800s, but also partly in the First World War, the importance of the aesthetic appearance of an army was almost maniacal, indeed it was itself a means of inculcating fear in the enemy. Today,…

In China, A Mountain Landslide Covers Part Of A Forest!

In China, weeks of intense rains led to various discomforts in the cities, but no one ever thought of seeing a phenomenon such as what happened to this mountain! In the video, there are men who document…

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