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Video On Traditions

An ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood for one 100 years!

"Shou sugi ban" is a Japanese technique to which natural wood is subjected to obtain a finish that is aesthetically striking, beautiful, and unique which can last up to 100 years!  The surface of…

Th evil eye: an old technique our grandmothers used to try to locate and eliminate negative energy

In the Dark Ages, when science and technological progress had not yet become the beacons of humanity, doubts about natural and social phenomena resorted to simple yet very imaginative explanations based…

The legend of the red thread: A powerful amulet that is tied on the wrist to chase away negativity

Do you know the Japanese legend of the "red thread of fate"? It is said that people destined to spend their life together have had for their whole life a red thread (invisible) tied to their ankle, which…

An old Spanish tradition regarding bulls gets an update!

In 2016, in different Spanish-speaking countries where the tradition of bullfighting is still strong (La Puebla del Río, Palomares del Río) people have organized versions of the so-called "running of…

Delicious Homemade Tomato Preserves!

A few things are as good as a tomato sauce made with fresh tomatoes, maybe, even coming from your own vegetable garden! If you have this fruit in large quantities or have decided to stock up for the coming…

Exciting Spinning Top Competitions in Taiwan!

In Taiwan, the spinning top is not just a child's toy that no one plays with anymore!  In fact, in Taiwan, there are important teams that compete against each other by producing the most incredible and…

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