The legend of the red thread: A powerful…
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The legend of the red thread: A powerful amulet that is tied on the wrist to chase away negativity

August 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you know the Japanese legend of the "red thread of fate"? It is said that people destined to spend their life together have had for their whole life a red thread (invisible) tied to their ankle, which is concretized on their wedding day.

The legend of the red thread of fate, however, is also widespread in other cultures and traditions. In fact, according to the Kabbalah, attaching a red thread to our wrist is essential for driving away the negativity of people who wish us harm, misfortune, and ill health. 

What follows is all that you need to know about this legend to take advantage of this ancient and fascinating tradition.

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 What does the legend of the red thread mean?

According to the Kabbalah, a red thread absorbs and dissolves negative energies, removes bad thoughts and also keeps away anyone who is not a positive influence on our lives. At the same time, it surrounds the wearer with positive energy, guarantees health, serenity, wisdom, and money. 

When, how and who can tie on a red thread? 

You must listen to your soul to understand the best moment to tie a red thread on your wrist. Therefore, if you are going through a period of inner peace, luck and positive interaction with other people, it may be time to tie on a red thread.

You can simply tie a red thread on your wrist with a double knot (to prevent it from becoming undone), but the Kabbalah legend requires that seven knots be made on it, representing the seven most important wishes you have.

To respect tradition and avoid an opposite effect, a red thread must be tied on your wrist by a good person, whom you trust blindly. You should avoid choosing anyone who could wish you harm or who simply does not transmit positive energy to you. Most people choose their brother, sister, parent or best friend.

And when the red thread breaks? 

The red thread that you have tied on your wrist will break when you have accumulated too much negative energy. This can happen due to a particularly stressful period, to you being in a bad mood or being around toxic people. 

Do not pick up the red thread from the ground when it happens. Instead, move away from it immediately, leave it there or remove it from your home. If you think, it is nevertheless a good time to tie on another, you can do it, or you can decide to wait for a better moment.

 Can you also choose other colors?

Absolutely, even if a red thread is traditionally the most powerful. You can still choose another color, perhaps to improve only one aspect in particular in your life. Here is the meaning of the other colors: 

  • Yellow: promotes creativity and prosperity 
  • Blu: improves health by eliminating anxiety, depression, and melancholy 
  • Green: eliminates negative thoughts and drives away the envy of others 
  • Viola: helps to reach your goals
  • Black: restores calm and tranquility
  • White: promotes wisdom and understanding 

Now you know the meaning of a red thread and the other colors. What color do you particularly need during this period?


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