Th evil eye: an old technique our grandmothers used to try to locate and eliminate negative energy

Shirley Marie Bradby

August 29, 2018

Th evil eye: an old technique our grandmothers used to try to locate and eliminate negative energy

In the Dark Ages, when science and technological progress had not yet become the beacons of humanity, doubts about natural and social phenomena resorted to simple yet very imaginative explanations based on the supernatural.

Consequently, superstitions became the most effective way to prevent and cure the most unexplainable or unacceptable illnesses or misfortunes that occurred. 

Among these, the evil eye is one of the most widespread popular traditions at every latitude and epoch. In fact, as early as the 3rd millennium B.C. the Sumerians believed that envy and destructive desires could be channeled through the eyes and bring about misfortune for the object of such evil looks.

However, if it was easy to attract hidden envy, there was also a way to discover it and get rid of it --- and here's how to do it!

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The items needed to detect the evil eye are one egg (preferably white), a container (i.e. a glass), and water. First, you have to pass the egg over the alleged victim of an evil eye spell, like a modern metal detector, then break the egg open into the container half filled with water. 

How to read the egg? Very simple (if you know the following interpretations). Break an egg in a glass half full of water. 

1. Bubbles around the yolk indicate that the person is tired, without energy, and can be suffering from muscle pain or dizziness. 

2. In the yolk, a "figure" appears: If human, it symbolizes the person who envies you and if animal then you must resort to dreams to understand the source of the concern. 

3. There are sharp points in the egg that look like needles or nails and they indicate the presence of people who envy you and are trying to block or control you. 

4. If the yolk is covered with a film-like coating, there is someone who bothers you. 

5. The presence of black or red spots in the yolk indicates unstable health. 

6. If the egg is opaque, with spikes and bubbles, we are in the presence of an evil eye curse. 

7. Curled figures, instead, indicate good health. 

8. If the yolk does not sink, but remains suspended or moves in the water, someone is probably interfering in your life. 

The belief in the evil eye, along with countless other superstitions, are still very much tied to our traditions. Although it is clear that it is groundless, it can still be fun to allow ourselves to perform such a "ritual" and maybe use the signals to start changing something in our life once and for all. 

In any case, whatever the response, just know that later you can always fry and eat the egg!  ;)