An old Spanish tradition regarding bulls gets an update! -
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An old Spanish tradition regarding bulls…
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An old Spanish tradition regarding bulls gets an update!


In 2016, in different Spanish-speaking countries where the tradition of bullfighting is still strong (La Puebla del Río, Palomares del Río) people have organized versions of the so-called "running of the bulls" that are different from the usual.

Instead of real animals, chasing adults they have used inflatable bull puppets and the individuals who have been running and escaping are children.

In fact, some adults consider these events a perfect form of entertainment for children, while others think it is a good way to transmit this tradition to children who perhaps one day will find themselves running down the same streets but with a real bull on their heels.

Nevertheless, by encouraging these events they are perpetuating a tradition that many people would like to see abolished. What do you think?

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