Separated while alive, they were united forever by death. Here is the moving legendary story of the Teruel lovers!

Teruel is a town located in east-central Spain that is famous for a love story that has been sculpted in stone and spread throughout Europe.  The Teruel legend tells us that in the early twentieth century…
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An old Spanish tradition regarding bulls gets an update!

In 2016, in different Spanish-speaking countries where the tradition of bullfighting is still strong (La Puebla del Río, Palomares del Río) people have organized versions of the so-called "running of…

Watch the FIVE-TIME CHAMPION figure skater Javier Fernandez! WoW!

The 2017 European Figure Skating Championships have just concluded and for the fifth consecutive year, the Spanish skater Javier Fernandez won the gold in the men's single short program. With a performance…
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