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"Filindeu" the rarest pasta in the world…
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"Filindeu" the rarest pasta in the world is Sardinian!


The Italian pasta named "filindeu" is a typical local pasta made in Nuoro, a city found on the magnificent island of Sardegna! In keeping with the ancient tradition, this pasta is completely made by hand, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

In fact, in the video, we see the hand movements of this lady, who is one of the few women that still produce the "filindeu" pasta. With just her expert hand gestures she is able to create thin strands of pasta which are then left to dry in the sun or inside the house at room temperature.

Today, humans have invented automated machines for almost all human activities, but not when it comes to making the "filindeu" pasta where the beauty of homemade craftsmanship will never be equaled. 

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