Franca Viola was the first Italian woman to refuse a "rehabilitating marriage" and her courage changed history

The name of Franca Viola represents a milestone in the affirmation of women's rights in Italy since her story marks a fundamental watershed in the evolution of Italian law in this area.  Before her…
Italy Stories Women

The 10 most common mistakes made when cooking pasta

Saying "pasta" is a bit like saying "Italy". As a matter of fact, it is in Italy where since the Middle Ages, this preparation created from semolina or flour has been increasingly defined, both in the…

"Bazooka" Vespa! Here is the Piaggio scooter model that could take out armored tanks!

Among the many famous Italian brands, the Vespa scooter is certainly one of the best-known!  However, if you are not a scooter fan, then this particular model may have escaped your attention. Nevertheless,…
History Italy Motors

Once again Italian design is a winner!

A pair of architects, Arturo Vittori and his Swiss colleague Andreas Vogler have designed and built a modern cistern that can collect and store water in a very intelligent way.  It is obviously designed…

Skiing down the Mount Etna volcano without snow is a blast!

What are people with skis doing on a mountain where there is not even one snowflake? These individuals are not crazy, well, perhaps, not entirely! These three young women decided to descend the Mount…
Absurd Italy Sport

"Filindeu" the rarest pasta in the world is Sardinian!

The Italian pasta named "filindeu" is a typical local pasta made in Nuoro, a city found on the magnificent island of Sardegna! In keeping with the ancient tradition, this pasta is completely made by…

Chamois --- a beautiful Italian town that is an Alpine marvel!

If you are looking for a place that is fresh and cool to spend the summer or in which to appreciate the wonders of winter, you should visit Chamois, a small town in Val d'Aosta (northern Italy) which…
Italy Places Travels

See how it's built step by step -- a Neapolitan Pizza Oven!

The secrets to a great pizza are three: the ingredients, skill, and the oven. If one of these elements is not high quality, then you cannot expect a perfect result. Many consider the technique of cooking…

"Floating Piers" an artist's dream that enchanted the world!

On 18 June 2016, Floating Piers was inaugurated, the latest spectacular work of an American artist of Bulgarian origins, named Christo, born Christo Vladimirov Yavachev. The artist is one of the greatest…

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