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Video On Traditions

Discover how to make delicious homemade pita bread!

Pita is a flatbread that is a baked preparation halfway between pizza and bread and its delicious softness would conquer anyone. Its preparation is simple and in this video, you can follow each step.…

This traditional Carnival sweet is fantastic! Eating is believing! :)

In the month of February, more than in any other month, people give in to their sweet tooth! Indeed, it is really hard to resist the temptation to eat one of the most famous traditional Italian cuisine…

"Zeppole" a famous and absolutely delicious Italian treat! Mamma Mia! ;)

Each tradition that celebrates the arrival of the Carnival season involves the preparation of sweets; and in the Italian tradition, in addition to "chiacchiere" (Carnival fritters) and castagnole (Damselfish),…

"Filindeu" the rarest pasta in the world is Sardinian!

The Italian pasta named "filindeu" is a typical local pasta made in Nuoro, a city found on the magnificent island of Sardegna! In keeping with the ancient tradition, this pasta is completely made by…

An old Spanish tradition regarding bulls gets an update!

In 2016, in different Spanish-speaking countries where the tradition of bullfighting is still strong (La Puebla del Río, Palomares del Río) people have organized versions of the so-called "running of…

Exciting Spinning Top Competitions in Taiwan!

In Taiwan, the spinning top is not just a child's toy that no one plays with anymore!  In fact, in Taiwan, there are important teams that compete against each other by producing the most incredible and…

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