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Video Rescues

A little baby bear cub cannot stop embracing the man who saved it from a wildfire

2019 was a difficult year in regards to forest fires ― just think of the Amazon, hit by serious forest fires, and immediately afterward also in Australia, where hundreds of animals lost their lives,…

Man is still capable of great acts of generosity and humanity

In a world where evil and misfortune make the news, it is easy to lose hope and confidence in men. This video has been made just to remind us that over exploitation and devastation there's still some…

A Japanese back pain miracle!

Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi took 10 years to develop this effective exercise against back pain. His technique is simple, fast, cheap, and with immediate effect. This exercise technique also has two very curious…
Japan Rescues Tricks

A firefighter helps a woman give birth and then adopts the baby girl: "I have always wanted a daughter"

When you take on the role of firefighter, you get used to saving lives. Marc Hadden, however, did not imagine that one day he would deliver a baby girl, saving her life, and that from that day on she…

An unexpected friendship between a lion and a baby gnu

Animals often have surprising behaviors: in this case a young lion, catches a baby wildebeest and protects him from the attack of another lion. Is he just protecting a friend or his meal?

Watch this video and you'll think twice before leaving you children alone in the car

A video by the very strong content that aims to impress those who still have the absurd habit of leaving children in cars. From recent studies it appears that the amount of children who die or have severe…

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