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Video Rescues

Man is still capable of great acts of generosity and humanity

In a world where evil and misfortune make the news, it is easy to lose hope and confidence in men. This video has been made just to remind us that over exploitation and devastation there's still some…

A man saves a 3 months old wounded pelican: watch this emotional story

When you live in Tanzania, you come into contact with wildlife almoast everyday. Wildebeest, elephants, gazelles, hippos ... the list is endless! Jeffrey Condon, manager of a tourist center in the area…

Thrilling cat rescue

A firefighter saves a cat from certain death in a house ... You really cannot miss it!

Watch this video and you'll think twice before leaving you children alone in the car

A video by the very strong content that aims to impress those who still have the absurd habit of leaving children in cars. From recent studies it appears that the amount of children who die or have severe…

A very brave dog...a true hero!

When it comes to helping his friends, this brave labrador doesn't hold back: watch it challenging the strong current to rescue two other dogs in need.

A pick-up saves an aircraft

An almost impossible mission: a plane with a damaged front landing gear arrives at the airport, and the impact would have been very destructive if a resistant pick-up, driven by expert hands, had not…

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