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Adorable baby says goodbye to her horse in the cutest way ever!

The love that this little girls has for animals is amazing at this early age, in fact, when her mother tells her to say goodbye to her horse, she spontaneously gives him the cutest kiss I've ever seen.

Cat gets cuddled by horse

You know when your cats try to "self-cuddle" with every object and / or person around? Look at this cat and how comfortably is cuddled by a very special friend: a Horse
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A beautiful horse is on the spot: when the music starts the audience is amazed

Dressage, widely considered the highest level of training a horse, is a performance in which a horse and a rider perform all movements together, like a dance. In this case the beautiful horse Matine takes…

Watching them play together is one of the most exciting scenes I've ever seen!

This is what happens when two animals are raised together in harmony and peace. A beautiful 4 years old horse and a 2 year old dog playing together with a simplicity never seen before. It almost seems…
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They couldn't believe it when they found out who freed the horses

The upcoming video testifies the evasion: this female horse is very skillful in opening the bolts and the doors, thus freeing her mates and stealing food. Considering his mantle, they could give the title…

These horses have been separated for four years: here's what happens when they meet again !

When they were foals, these two horses had spent a couple of years together, until one of the two (the one in red) had been sold and transferred elsewhere. After more than four years the breeder has finally…

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