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He lets his horses out during a snowfall, but the reaction is not what he expected ...

Often we fall into the error of thinking that our pets are somehow immune to the cold winter temperatures, and therefore do nothing to protect them from the elements. How many times have you seen a poor…
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A filly is drowning in a river and the leader of the herd manages to save her by dragging her by her mane

The stretch of the Salt River that flows into the Tonto National Forest, Arizona is a wonderful place populated by wild horses, which live undisturbed basking in the sun and cooling off from time to time…

A horse lets an alligator know who is the boss!

After centuries of domestication, we are accustomed to thinking of horses as barnyard animals ready to help us in our activities or to give us moments of leisure. We should not forget that in them still…

A horse gives a tearful farewell to its deceased owner ...

In life Wagner Figueiredo de Lima and his beloved horse Sunny were inseparable. Unfortunately, their friendship was interrupted by an accident that cut short the man's life at the age of 34. During De…

These innovative horseshoes make life easier for horses!

A horse hoof is very similar to the nails that we human beings have on our fingers and toes.  Horseshoes are fitted to horses, that assist humans in their work, not to increase adherence to the ground…

Once again singer Shania Twain surprises her audience!

If you are a famous singer like Shania Twain and you know that you have to perform on a stage in Las Vegas, then indulging in some delusions of grandeur is justifiable. For her performance, the popular…

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