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Some clever tips to fight water retention and ... WIN!

Many people, especially women, suffer from water retention, i.e., their body retains fluids abnormally, causing swelling, especially in areas such as the feet, ankles, and legs, which damages the circulatory…
Guides Health Useful

Take away some locks of hair from a braid --- When reinserted the result is magnificent!

Hairstyles are constantly changing --- sometimes long hair, then short, previously natural colors and then all of a sudden, wild colors are all the rage! But, if you think about it, braids never go…
Guides Hair

5 tips that help you recognize a counterfeit product from an original one

In the jungle of tech offers and deals, where everyone seems committed to buying the latest model at the cheapest price possible, experiencing a nasty surprise is really quite easy. The counterfeit market…

What to AVOID doing when you get stung by a bee or a wasp

Wasps and bees, although they generally do not present serious health risks, can, however, make us experience moments of pain that we would gladly do without. Avoiding coming into contact with them is…

How to cheaply and easily transfer movies from VHS to DVD at home!

Invented in the 1970's, VHS tapes were soon supplanted by the more comfortable and less bulky DVDs, but VHS tapes still contain and preserve many memories that are now abandoned in a corner of the basement.…
DIY Guides

Discover 7 ingenious ways to use hairspray!

Hairspray is not a product for women only, and it is not just used to manage hair! Having hairspray on hand at home means you can use it in many other different ways that we will illustrate today. …
Guides Tricks Useful

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