Do you have to move? Here are 26 exceptional…
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Do you have to move? Here are 26 exceptional tricks to make everything much easier!

April 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anyone who has moved at least once in his or her life knows how stressful it can be to keep an eye on everything when we try to gather up the thousands of objects we have in our old house and take them to the new one.

For a few days, moving house can become a real second job that takes time and energy, and even if almost everyone tries to make the job quick and easy, it is not always possible to organize things in the right way.

Here are 28 rules to follow to make moving house much easier!

1. Do not use adhesive tape to keep drawers, cutlery trays and cupboard doors from moving. Instead, use plastic wrap instead.

2. Use plastic ties to hold the cutlery together.


3. If you need to paint or make adjustments, make a hole in a plastic cup and insert the brush inside. This will prevent the drops of paint from falling on the floor.

4. Carry your books with trolleys --- if you put them in the boxes they will be too heavy.

5. The same applies to other heavy items, such as canned goods. Transporting them with a trolley will be enormously easier.


6. When you use a drill, you can collect the particles with a post-it. Just apply it a couple of inches below where you will make the hole.

7. Not everyone knows, but ice cubes can help get rid of dents in carpets. Allow the ice to melt, then use a spoon to easily lift and fluff the carpet fibers.


8. Apply a pool floating tube on the frames of paintings to protect them during transport.

9. Pack your plates vertically in boxes as this reduces the chances that they will break during transport.


10. Instead of packing clothes separately, put them up in a trash bag and carry them away all together.

11. And if you do not have enough plastic bags? No problem! Just use towels, sheets, and socks to keep fragile things safe.

12. To prevent cables from becoming entangled, roll them up, put them into empty cardboard toilet paper rolls, and label them.

13. Empty cardboard toil paper rolls are also perfect for protecting and transporting your jewelry, without you getting a headache later trying to untangle all the jewelry.

14. Use colored post-it to mark boxes according to the room they belong to

17. Use an oven glove to pack sharp knives

18. To make small scratches disappear from wood just rub a walnut over them!

19. If the adhesive tape is old and does not stick anymore, put it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

20. Before repainting a radiator, switch it on! The heat prevents the paint from drying in patches.

21. If you have difficulty removing old screws, insert a wide rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver to give you more grip.

22. Paint your new keys with different colors of nail polish to keep everything in order.

23. Rub candle wax or a bar of soap on the sides of jammed drawers to allow them to open and close without problems.

24. Put cotton rounds or pads in eye shadow containers to keep the dust from getting them dirty.

25. It may seem like an unimportant detail, but take a picture of your furniture before you take it apart so you will know exactly how to put it back together again!

26. And finally ... prepare a bag for the night with everything you need, so you will not stay up until 3 o'clock in the morning looking for the toothpaste!


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