Appearances can be deceiving! 23 images…
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Appearances can be deceiving! 23 images that are hard to understand at first glance

April 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we observe the reality that surrounds us, our brain tends to display the lines and colors around us in forms that are readily recognizable to us, in order to save energy in the decoding process. But this process is not infallible.

In fact, it happens that some objects are dangerously similar to others, and that leads us to make errors in our perception.

The photos that we present here below all have this feature in common --- at first glance, they all seem to be something else!

1. A spray dispenser nozzle that looks like a cartoon character

2. When you photograph your pizza, and at first glance it looks like a video!


3. This dog rolled up in this position looks like a huge hairy face

4. Drop by drop --- and an ice cobra was created!

image: ivery/pikabu

5. An island off the coast of Croatia that looks like a gigantic digital footprint.


6. A huge rolled up poster or a colorful and imaginative bench?

7. A cat with a body that looks like a snail!


8. A sad Brussels sprout that looks like an alien!

9. The house seems to marvel at the light on its nose!


10. Hopefully no one tried to kick this "watermelon".

11. A fried chicken thigh? No, just a cat relaxing on a bed ...

12. When a Peruvian guinea pig and a friend have the same hairstyle ...

13. Music cassettes in order in their jewel cases? No ... these are dozens of buses carrying pilgrims headed to Mecca

14. A passerby who seems to be transparent!

15. Is this bush making rude gestures?

16. The shadow forms made by the dust on the windshield looks like a mountainous landscape.

17. A ball that has been sprayed with the paint "Vantablack" which absorbs almost all the light rays.

image: gght/reddit

18. Snow or water?

image: foxsa/pikabu

19. A poetic view on the seashore? No.

20. Imagine returning to the hotel at night and you find this ...

image: ILUMS/pikabu

21. When you send a picture of a shiny surface to ask for advice to remove residual rubber ... and on the other side we see a moonlit island!

22. Two people on the bench with their faces fused into an unusual Picasso ...

image: JF112/imgur

23. The ashes of this volcano look like two lovers embracing ... Very romantic!

Tags: FunnyCurious

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