Here are some of the rarer phenomena…
A blind man is brought to tears when NO ONE allows him to sit in the seats reserved for the disabled! She performed her acrobatic stunts using Michael Jackson's music and conquered the audience

Here are some of the rarer phenomena of our planet that only a few have seen in person!

April 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes we witness rare, absurd, and incredibly beautiful phenomena!

Nowadays, without any doubt, the spirit of sharing that characterizes our era means that such events are communicated from one end to the other of the world in an instant so that now everyone can see with their own eyes something amazing.

Here is a photo gallery where we have collected some very strange and curious phenomena!

1. These "fluffy balls" are actually silicate mineral formations called okenite!

2. Here's how a rainbow is born.


3. Hollow balls of snow formed by the wind.

image: Shabe/Reddit

4. "A flying fish landed on my boat last night. I quickly took this photo and then I put it back in the sea."

5. This guy is doing something very weird with his hands ...

image: Twitter

6. A baobab tree that grew again on the spot where it was cut.

7. Hundreds of thousands of starlings cover the sky in Rome, Italy.

image: Imgur

8. Have you ever seen an egg with this shape?

9. Quite a large of number of cars must have been damaged ...


10. "My fingers are longer than normal."

11. Only in Australia you can see things like this ...

12. A bicolor lemon!

13. Let's go shopping!

14. This without a doubt is a heavy-duty pickup truck!

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