18 etiquette rules that we all should know and learn

by Shirley Marie Bradby

November 05, 2017

18 etiquette rules that we all should know and learn

How many times have you paused to think that the world would be a much nicer place if everyone would show a bit more politeness and courtesy towards each other?

Probably, quite often, and for this reason, we have drawn up a list of good manners (rules of proper etiquette) that we should all aspire to put into practice.

Some rules will be a bit old-fashioned, especially in the definition of men and women's roles, but if you eliminate those details it is the substance that counts because respecting others is a precious art we all need to learn.


Here are 18 golden rules of etiquette that we should all keep in mind

Here are 18 golden rules of etiquette that we should all keep in mind


1- Telling someone "I want to invite you out to dinner" or "I'll take you out to dinner", implies that they will not have to pay the bill. To suggest dividing the expense, it's best to use expressions like "Let's go out to dinner". 

2- Never make surprise visits (especially near meal times): Choosing the wrong time can make a visit very unpleasant

3- Never put your smartphone on the dining table! Apart from being covered with bacteria, a smartphone phone represents the idea of being "elsewhere", and this implies that the diners are not interesting enough for you. 

4- A truly educated man never offers to carry a woman's handbag, as it contains objects that are too personal; at most he can hold her coat. 

5- If you walk with a person and they stop to talk to acquaintances, it is good practice to greet those people at the beginning and end of the conversation; 

6-  Chopsticks are not always are indispensable for sushi: women can actually choose to eat with their hands

7- If someone starts an argument in a public place, never respond to offenses or encourage the raising of the tone of voice. It is much better to smile and postpone the conversation for later at a more appropriate place. 

8- A man should always walk on the left of a woman (except for the soldiers who must be able to salute their superiors with their right hand). 

9- When driving near puddles it is crucial to slow down so as not to splash water on pedestrians. 

10- These nine things must never be revealed: age, personal wealth, family problems, religion, health problems, love affairs, gifts, achievements, and misfortune. 

11- An educated person always uses perfume in moderation because an excessive amount is lacking in respect to others. 

12- In a restaurant, it is good to know the basic non-verbal communication that is used with waiters. In addition, with the position of the cutlery (see photo) you can communicate many things. 

13- In the presence of a woman, a man should only smoke after having asked and obtained her consent

14- When it comes to greetings, the situation is never equal --- those who enter a room should always be the first to offer their greetings. 

15- When you are uncertain about what to wear, better to opt for a more simple and sober solution

16- Laughing and talking aloud in public are uneducated behaviors and the same is true for staring at people. 

17- Always remember to say "Thank you" on all occasions, even when it does not seem necessary. An extra "thank you"  has never hurt anyone,  while on the other hand a "thank you" not said can be offensive

18- When a person has to leave a dinner or a party early, it is a good idea to personally talk to the hosts and warn them so that they can announce to the others that a guest is leaving; if the guest makes the announcement, it could be perceived as an invitation to end the evening. 

Do not you think the world would definitely be a better place if we all even put into practice even half of these rules? Help us spread good manners! :-)