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Here's how to draw your hand in 3D: AMAZING !

Sometimes with a few tricks and a bit 'of exercise you can achieve amazing results. Remember when you used to draw you hand on some paper? Well, times change, now you can do it in 3D!

He starts with 2 loops in a tie. Seconds later... Would you believe it?

You know, many full-grown adults still don't know how to correctly tie a necktie! That's why our Russian friend shows us an alternative way to make a perfect knot without... purchasing a clip-on.
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Your car windows are always steaming up? Check this out and you'll be AMAZED !

If your car tends to accumulate moisture that makes the windows steam up every morning, you can try this interesting trick: put some cat litter (the silicon crystals one that can be found everywhere)…

He places the duvet on the floor and in less than one minute he puts its cover on . Wow!

Putting the cover on a double duvet is not an easy task, and knows well who has competed at least once in this "fight". Not even the intervention of an additional two skillful hands can solve the problem.…
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Take away some locks of hair from a braid --- When reinserted the result is magnificent!

Hairstyles are constantly changing --- sometimes long hair, then short, previously natural colors and then all of a sudden, wild colors are all the rage! But, if you think about it, braids never go…
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Laundry hacks using white vinegar!

When we do laundry in a washing machine, we can never be sure which chemical residues derived from detergents may come into contact with our skin.  For this reason, whenever possible, natural products…
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