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With this test, psychologists can understand if you are a genius or schizophrenic with only two questions!

Identifying cases of schizophrenia is a very thorny matter even for the best psychologists. This is because it is a disorder that can be masked or confused with so many other pathologies. A tool used…

How we judge others reveals a lot about ourselves!

In this image, there are four men; three of them have a saw in their hands that they are using to cut a portion of a tree upon which another man is sitting. The question we ask you is very simple: In…

15 optical illusions that will literally drive you crazy!

What we see does not always exist in reality! This does not mean that we are out of our heads, but it is a completely normal mechanism. The eyes alone do not completely contribute to forming vision,…

Can you pass this short eye test? --- The last screen shot is difficult!

This short eye test that we propose will not only test your eyesight, but also your eye speed which measures how long it takes a light striking our eyes to reach our conscious awareness. In each individual…

In this image, besides a frog, a horse is hidden. Can you find it?

If you are trying to awaken your sluggish mind, here is a pretty good game that will keep you busy.  It is about searching for an image in another image, but do not think it is that easy! If we have…

Test yourself with this visual quiz that says the first thing you see reveals something about your personality

The Internet is now full of psychological quizzes and optical illusions that test even the most attentive observers with images that deceive the brain, making us see things that, in reality, do not really…

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