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She had never set foot in a bowling alley before ... WoW!

At 84 years of age, she had never set foot in a bowling alley but that did not hold her back! First, they explained to her how to hold the bowling ball and then they let her throw the bowl without offering…
Funny Games

Which route should the train take? See this child's response!

The problem regarding the train is an ethical experiment devised by the philosopher Philippa Foot. The situation is that a moving train is heading towards five workers who are on a railway track. The…

Lego talent that is beyond the shadow of a doubt! :)

Playing with Lego building blocks is a game that is popular with many boys (and girls!). As matter of fact, for some people, the passion for it over time, instead of vanishing, increases.  Consequently,…

Have fun with these five clever balloon tricks!

Are you planning to organize a children's party? Surely the first thing you bought was a package of multi-colored balloons to decorate the party room!  Here then is a way to inflate balloons quickly…

Twin Babies Dancing in sling swings --- Hilarious!

The desire to play and have fun is within us from birth!  In fact, even before they can stand on their own two feet, are able to speak or eat alone, children are naturally able to decide if something…

Insane Jenga trick! WoW!

If you have never heard of the board game "Jenga" , then let us briefly explain that it consists of moving a wooden brick of your choice and then placing it on top of the structure. Of course, at every…

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