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He throws a paper plane on cooking rings ... The reason? You will be amazed !!!

Probably each of us as a child would have loved to know a trick like this one, especially since the flight (and life) of our paper planes was always too short. Using the updraft air, here is how to fly…
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These ferrets discovered the box of their dreams, and their reaction is AMAZING

If you're wondering what to do with packaging materials, here's a good idea that may become an entertaining play-ground for your pets. Simon and Garfunkel, these are the names of the two funny ferrets,…
Animals Funny Games

He Starts by cutting a balloon: the end result is great fun and ... good for stress!

If you like DIY and want to create something fun for all ages, this video is for you. This man shows in fact how to createninja squishy ball to use as anti-stress or to play at the park during the summer.…
DIY Games Ideas

Can you pass this short eye test? --- The last screen shot is difficult!

This short eye test that we propose will not only test your eyesight, but also your eye speed which measures how long it takes a light striking our eyes to reach our conscious awareness. In each individual…

Everybody knows this table game, but here is a trick to make it special!

The board, table, and card games that we play at home or at the pub have remained more or less unchanged over time, and some, let's face it, could use a good facelift! If the manufacturers are not going…
Games Ideas

Place several candies on a plate --- pour hot water and see the surprise!

To entertain your children and show them an interesting and funny game that will surely surprise them, you will just need a package of Smarties candies and hot water.  Place each Smarties candy separately…
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