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A hotel welcomed dozens of homeless people during the pandemic: everyone offered to work to repay the gesture

The Coronavirus epidemic has spread all over the world, taking victims everywhere, although in some countries the situation seems to have returned under control, in many others the numbers of infections…

According to tradition, choosing the right godparents for your child is a very important task

When a couple starts making arrangements for their child's baptism, they have to make the tough decision of who will be their child's godparents. According to tradition, it's an honor to be selected as…

The mother-in-law pierces her granddaughter's ears without her mother's consent, sparking a furious quarrel

Not all mothers are lucky enough to have a caring and lovable mother-in-law, as we all wish they were; a mother-in-law who does not raise her eyes to heaven regarding any choice or decision not directly…

Zara and the big names in fashion are converting their clothing production into masks and gowns

By now the Coronavirus epidemic has spread to many countries and many are organizing themselves with initiatives and gestures of solidarity, to bring concrete and timely help. The big names in international…

Wearing clothes without ironing them?! This is a new campaign to protect the environment. Goodbye to ironing!

Ironing is one of those really boring and tiring household chores that most of us constantly try to avoid, especially in the summer. Many refuse to iron at all since they are certain they will not achieve…

A customer complains about an autistic waiter but his boss silences the customer brilliantly

In South Carolina, there is a place where everyone has the same right to work. The name of this place is Pizza Inn and it is owned and operated by Amanda Skelton Cartigine, whose employees are mostly…

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