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A Little Girl Is Suddenly Dragged Into The Water By A Sea Lion!

Stories about vacations all too often chronicle the bad experiences of tourists who out of naiveness or recklessness have had unpleasant encounters with animals. Far from it being a sin for the latter,…

A Drunken Driver Escapes In His Car --- But Not For Long!

The images you see in the video seem more out of a detective movie that from real life, but it all happened in Estonia and was captured by the police car cameras. A man clearly in a state of drunkenness…
Police Wtf

A Frightful Encounter On A Bike Trail! Check This Out!

If cycling makes you think of beautiful and idyllic scenery, quiet meadows, and relaxing moments, then be prepared to think again! These two men were cycling through the forests in Slovakia delivering…
Animals Bicycle Wtf

Planting Potatoes In The 21st Century!

In the popular imagination, agricultural work has always been considered to be one of the most tiring, characterized by grueling days spent kneeling in the fields under the hot sun or inclement weather.…

Watch This Strange Reaction To Pain Medication! Weird!

This guy broke one of his arms in a hockey tournament and was taken immediately to the hospital to be treated and medicated. In fact, to ease the pain, he was given a painkiller but no one could have…
Funny Wtf

A Heartwarming Story Of An Abandoned Baby Rescued In Time!

Raul Marin Ceja as he did every day, left his house to go to work, and crossed a bridge over a canal. Leaning over, he noticed some blankets that were wrapped as if there was something inside. Immediately…

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