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See A Lighthouse Stand Up To A TYPHOON!

If you have thought about trying to film the biggest waves ever seen, perhaps tracking a typhoon is the right thing to do (keep a safe distance, though!).  This video maker has, in fact, captured the…

Have You Ever Seen A Mollusk Like This?

In the vast family of mollusks, there is a suborder that includes the nudibranchs, which are unique marine animals (carnivores) that can be found all over the world and at different depths. Among them…

A Magnificent Humpback Whale Caught On Video!

The experience that scuba diver and photographer Beau Pilgrim had was, without a doubt, a truly unforgettable one  --- a thrilling mix of terror and ecstasy. All due to a rather naughty humpback whale…

A Midnight Fishing SURPRISE!

This is not the usual fish story told by fishermen, about the largest fish ever caught!  A giant lobster really did take the bait from a boat that was fishing off the coast of Bermuda. With its 14 kg…

A Freediver Puts His Skills To The Test!

The man you see in this video is Guillaume Nery, a French freediving athlete specializing in Constant Weight Apnea.  What does it mean? It means that Néry can descend 120 meters below the surface and…

She Goes Out On A Paddle Board -- Look What Happens! Wow!

When you enter the water in places where the coasts are bathed by oceans there is always the fear of finding oneself face to face with a shark! Nevertheless, there are actually people like Viviana "Flute…

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