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"Coral Colors" - The Colors Of Beauty Captured In A Mesmerizing Video Clip!

Corals and sea anemones are a particular animal class that in the Greek language is called an "animal-flower". These are small polyps that live in colonies and are one of the most spectacular nature shows…

Windsurfing In A HURRICANE! Crazy!? Exhilarating!

Water sports include special categories that only the most expert and prepared athletes and daredevils are able to face. Such is one of the windsurfing competitions organized by Red Bull, called the "Red…

Technology And A Clever Idea Combine To Save Lives!

At sea, life-threatening danger is always around the corner, and this is why the role of lifeguards is crucial. However, often their physical strength and preparation may not be enough to quickly resolve…

Would You Like To "Swim Like A Fish"? Well, Now You Can! :)

If you love the sea for all the activities that you can experience, then here is some great news for you! Have you heard about the Subwing? Well, thanks to this original water sports toy, you will literally…

What If Your Apartment Could Float? :)

The Boat-a-Home company's products satisfy both those who love traveling on the road and those who would not mind going for a sail on the open sea! This company's brand offers towable houseboats aka trailerable houseboats and…

See A Lighthouse Stand Up To A TYPHOON!

If you have thought about trying to film the biggest waves ever seen, perhaps tracking a typhoon is the right thing to do (keep a safe distance, though!).  This video maker has, in fact, captured the…

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